From: Leslie Hughen
To: Joel Briscoe,
Subject: HB 144
Date: Wed Feb 03 23:46:18 MST 2016
Greetings Mr. Briscoe

This email is an attempt to convey why I think the food freedom act is a good idea

1. Food Security
    The reduction of cumbersome and likely unnecessary regulation will  ‚Äčencourage those with the inclination and ability to produce   food ‚Äčon a smaller scale at a local level.
    More food producer may mitigate the effect of food scarcity if supply chains from more distant sources becomes interrupted.
2. Food safety
    I do not think it is unreasonable to assume that the food producers affected by this legislation are consuming this food themselves.  If the food they are selling is good enough    for them and their families it is good enough for me. 
3. Food relationship
    I have enjoyed the experience of being able to speak with the people who grow or raise the products I am consuming.  I have    more trust in the ethics and accountability of someone with whom I can speak face to face.
4. Food quality.
    I have spent enough time growing and producing food of my own to know what a labor of love it is.  Small scale food production is a demanding task, and I tip my hat to anyone willing to provide this service to the community.  If their products were substandard there would not be such strong support for an increase in availability.

Thank you for your time
Leslie Hughen
Salt Lake City resident


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