From: Dylan Mace
To: Joel Briscoe,
Subject: Support SB49
Date: Tue Feb 09 17:52:37 MST 2016
Dear Senator, As your constituent, I urge you to please support S.B. 49 -- Statute of Limitations on Environmental Code Violations, which would give the state more time to prosecute companies who knowingly and purposefully violate their air quality permits. This means that instead of only having one year to prosecute businesses that knowingly pollute more than their permits allow, the state would have two years. One year is simply an inadequate amount of time to catch and prosecute companies that are violating their permitted limits. This small extension is an incredibly effective tool. This also provides for a more fair business climate because it helps to prevent companies from bending the rules. Companies that exceed their permit limits for financial gain get a competitive advantage over companies that play by the rules. These bad actors do not represent most industrial players and need to be held responsible for breaking the law. This is why I'd urge you to support a 1-year increase in the statute of limitations to prosecute these knowing violators. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of these important air quality issues. Dylan Mace 1756 S 200 E Salt Lake City, UT 84115