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From: Renee Braddy
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: HJR 8 is NOT GREAT- Vote NO
Date: 2014-03-10T22:00:00Z
I understand the HJR 8 failed and that there may be a slight chance that some will be trying to bring it back.   I certainly hope that is not the case and hope you will vote no on this bill. 

I am opposed to opening up our constitution to making changes, even if they sound good on the surface.  We need leaders in office who are willing to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION NOT PUSHING TO TRY TO CHANGE OR IMPROVE IT.  This is a dangerous road to be heading down, especially at this time in our country.

There are so many other methods that states should be using to push back against Feds in regards to the out of control spending and debt.  We cannot continue to have one hand open and accepting more and more federal dollars and have the other hand shaming them.   

We need statesmen who are principled, fiscally conservative, and willing to stand up and be leaders and quit acting like victims.  We do not need to open up our sacred and supreme document that defines who we are as Americans.  

As parents, if our children aren't following the rules of the house, we don't change the rules to fit them, we hold them accountable and responsible for their actions.  We need to hold those in DC responsible and accountable.  We don't need to make more rules in hopes that maybe they'll follow them, they WON'T!   

Vote NO on HJR 8!

Renee' Braddy