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From: Myra Johnson
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: Please vote NO on HJR8 - Balanced Budget Amendment resolution
Date: 2014-03-10T15:39:45Z
My family and I highly encourage you to please vote NO on HJR8.  I know your time is limited, so here is a capsulated version of our reasons why.

I'm not claiming to know the answer to balancing the budget, but I feel that having a Convention of the States will be opening up a Pandora's Box.

Think back to our original Constitutional Convention in 1787... delegates from each state were sent to this convention to simply amend the Articles of Confederation, and many were given strict instructions to do nothing more than that, and if there was anything more than this proposed at the convention, they were to leave!  Well, we all know the story of how our first Constitutional Convention turned out, and to our blessing for sure!!!!!

If another Constitutional Convention were to be held now, even though it's 'purpose' would be to propose a balanced budget amendment, what is to stop any delegate from any state from putting forth anything more?  There are No rules for a Constitutional Convention. It is totally wide open. One can only imagine what types of agendas might be brought up, including gay marriage, etc. 

I went to the State Capitol on Friday and spoke with a representative who apparently hadn't yet decided what his vote will be.  He reminded me that anything that went through in the convention would have to be ratified by the states. To which I replied, Yes, and most of the states voted for Obama, twice.  And speaking of him, what person who is from Illinois would likely be called as a delegate? Obama. And who could quite possibly be chosen as chairman of the convention? Obama. (Compare him to who was the chairman of our original Constitutional Convention, George Washington.)

Our nation today is most generally not the same kind of people that we had back during the time of the original Constitutional Convention, who were most generally people of strong morals, principled and religious. They had just come out of a war for their independence and were truly seeking to implement things into our Constitution that would establish a truly free nation.  Today, I fear that many people who would come to this Convention of the States would have fewer morals, principles and fewer feelings of duty to God, and may not have true freedom as their main interest. And there would certainly be many who would have clear agendas with them.

Please vote NO on HJR8.  Thank you!!!!!