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From: William H. Fruth
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: Neither liberals nor conservatives want a "run-a-way" convention.
Date: 2014-03-10T14:25:45Z
Much of the discussion regarding HJR 8 is whether a Balanced Budget Amendment Convention will get out of control.
The problem is ... we cannot find anyone who wants it to.
Liberals fear that conservatives (who will control the convention) will propose amendments to limit abortion or disassemble the federal government.
Conservatives fear liberals will "repeal" the 2nd amendment or "outlaw" religion.
In reality, once this convention is assembled, no one will want to cross the line and discuss anything other than a balanced budget amendment.
Oh, there might be some "wackos" from San Francisco attending who will try to disrupt the proceedings, but they will be shouted down by the others attending the meeting.
The only legal power of this convention has is to propose a balanced budget amendment. 
Please trust the integrity of the delegates from the 29 solidly conservative states who will represented at the convention.
If the States do not rise at this time, we will likely loose our Republic.
William H. Fruth
Volunteer Co-Founder
Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force