From: Wendi Mott
Subject: Vote NO on H.B. 96 Utah School Readiness Initiative
Date: Tue Feb 11 00:41:25 MST 2014
I wanted to write and let you know that I appreciate the sacrifice you are making in serving as a public servant. It is because of your roll, and the trust we place in our elected officials, I ask you to please vote no on H.B 96 (The School Readiness Initiative). 

Children at young ages learn to connect by the private world they live in, they are developing the foundations of who they are. This happens best in the home where they are loved and not pressured. Even the great Finland, that educators are always touting we should be like, don't formally educate until 7. Small children need the home and family environment. spending millions of dollars to institutionalize our children at the preschool age is not the answer to fixing what is wrong with education.  

Thank you, 

Wendi Mott