To: Kay Christofferson, Keven John Stratton, Mike Kennedy, Jacob Anderegg, differth, Marc Roberts, Francis Gibson, Rebecca Lockhart, Dean Sanpei, Keith Grover, Dana Layton, Brian Greene,
Subject: Fwd: Proposed ban on wood burning
Date: Fri Feb 07 19:09:46 MST 2014

Subject: Proposed ban on wood burning

In regards to the proposed ban on wood burning, we are greatly opposed. Did the Govenor even consider those of use who use wood to heat our homes because of the expense of gas heating. We understand the concern, my husband has COPD. What about all of the businesses that will be effected. Aside from that, who will enforce this ban. They are asking neighbors to turn against neighbors, isn't that a page out of Hitler's playbook. What happens if we experience weather like what they are experiencing back east. Who will they approach about welcoming those with no heat into their homes. We, our families and friends feel maybe it will be time to rethink our votes in the next upcoming election. Please oppose this ban and stand up for the "little guy". Thank you.

                              Mr. & Mrs. Patton