From: Brynn Anderson
To: Brian Greene,
Subject: HB0060
Date: Thu Feb 06 20:53:57 MST 2014
Mr. Greene,

I am writing to you in concern about the House Bill 0060, sponsored by R. Curt Webb.  I believe it goes against public interest and is allowing corporations to charge extraordinary prices for mediocre internet. I am an educator and teach high school students on a daily basis that in this country, they have rights to allow them the best life possible.  The right to the best education, the right to the best job, the right to the best living conditions.  This bill demonstrates that citizens should only be allowed to what corporations, in their interest to the highest profit, should allow them to have.  

If R. Curt Webb knew anything about the internet and how it works, he would understand that allowing internet providers to charge $150 plus for 10Mbps of internet is absurd.  It's allowing these corporations to charge what ever price they desire to put a cap on internet speeds.  

Please vote against this bill so communities, cities, and municipalities can offer their citizens the best available internet at the best prices.  

Thank you for your time,

Brynn Anderson