From: Jeff and Pam Budge
Subject: Vote YES on H.B. 228
Date: Thu Mar 06 20:28:01 MST 2014
Please vote YES on H.B. 228S01 Utah StateBoardofEducation Elections & Reporting Amendments.
I am aware of the PTA's stand on this bill. As a parent of a child in the public school system and a current member of the PTA, please know that the PTA does not represent me on this issue.
I’m in favor of this bill because it removes the nominating committee and allows state school board candidates to go through the same election process as other elected officials. I believe this will bring more attention to the state school board elections and allow voters the opportunity to have a better idea of candidates’ ideologies. It will also make them more accountable to their constituents, the parents of Utah.
Thank you.

Pamela Budge