From: Renee Braddy
Subject: YES ON HB 228- State School Board REPRESENTATION
Date: Thu Mar 06 16:27:36 MST 2014
As a former educator for almost a decade in the state of Utah, a parent and a tax-payer I ask you to vote YES ON HB 228.  This bill will bring accountability, responsibility and transparency for the voters.  The state board should represent the voters and right now they do not. 
It might be of interest to you to know that many of us are calling all the legislators up for re-election this year to find out their position on if they favor or oppose Utah's adoption of common core with its accompanying strings.  We are NOT calling the state school board members to find out their positions because it doesn't matter.  Regardless of their position, they don't answer to US! 

Non-partisan elections would be worse than what we have now.  They would most likely be controlled by BIG MONEY corporations, unions, and associations and virtually eliminate parents and grass roots activists.   
Citizens deserve to know where candidates should be standing based on their party's platform. Please VOTE YES TO GIVE VOTERS A VOICE and give the state board accountability in regards to decisions they make that are impacting our children, teachers, and schools!

Renee' Bradd