From: Lenell Heywood
Subject: Yes on HB0228, State School Board elections
Date: Thu Mar 06 13:05:44 MST 2014

Please give your support for Brian Greene's HB0228 bill on State School Board elections.  Two years ago I put my name in to run for State School Board. In our district "12" we had 12 candidates running.  I listened to all of the 11 interviews to the nominating board.  I was impressed with many of the interviews, especially two men that had a phenomenal background in the education field and gave outstanding interviews.  I was disappointed that these men did not get many votes from the committee. 
Utah would be better served if the nominating committee was repealed and there was a partisan election. The voters would be the ones screening the candidates not a committee.  The State School Board has a large budget and the taxpayers need to be aware of the candidates political affiliation and agenda.  
I have written emails to the State School Board and some members of the Board have responded in a confrontational way.  Can the board treat parents this way because in the next election "incumbents" are a shoe in?  Voters, not a committee should be vetting the candidates.
LeNell Heywood

LeNell Heywood