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From: Cherilyn Eagar - American Leadership Fund
To: Rep. Hall, C.,
Subject: A Senator's Message of Hope - and a Warning | Another Conservative CEO targeted on Obama's Enemy List
Date: 2015-01-04T18:18:55Z
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Simply Sunday ...

A Senator's Inspiring, Hopeful Message - And His Warning!

Another Conservative Business Owner Targeted

A New Year's Resolution - Three ACTIONs We Must Take If Liberty Is to Prevail


It's another New Year.  Our message is simple on this Sunday:  A real hero, Senator Tom Coburn, retired from the U.S. Senate due to health concerns.  He left his colleagues with the message of the century.  It is both a message of inspirational hope and a warning. 

Our only hope is that the Senate will heed his warning. Please watch this incredible American leader, the personification of the kind of leader we seek.  Get inspired and share his message far and wide. 


It's your voice we need now more than ever to stop Liberals who are destroying our freedom and states rights with an over-reaching federal government. 

American Leadership Fund is asking for your consideration of this New Year's resolution:

RESOLVED - ACTION #1:  Support only conservative-owned and managed businesses and corporations. 

We will continue to make excellent recommendations.  Here is one that you MUST know about - we ask for your support in ordering products from this company that you normally purchase at the store.  Listen to this CEO, Frank Vandersloot - on the O'Reilly Factor.  

He is a man of courage who stood up to the Obama Administration's bullying, who put him on their top enemy list for his strong support of the Republican presidential nominee. 

The Human Rights Campaign targeted him for his conservative stance supporting marriage between a man and a woman. 

Then the IRS audited him and found NO violations! 

This is unbelievable, but it is happening.  If we don't stop this now, it could happen to any of us.  We must rally behind these good businesses and principled ownership. 


RESOLVED - ACTION #2:  Consider a sustaining membership with a MONTHLY donation of $5, $10, $15, or $20 or more. 

It's costly to communicate to so many in all 50 states.  Along with your contributions to your faith, if you - and everyone on our list - would donate just a little, American Leadership Fund would be well on the way to establishing the funds needed to help our conservative candidates make it through coming primaries and beyond the "establishment" rank-and-file old-guard that has brought this nation down. 


RESOLVED - ACTION #3:  Please fast and pray for America and our leaders. 

The farther the people and our elected leaders move away from God, the closer this nation gets to its own destruction.  This is our children and grandchildren's future. 

Your help in these three ways will change the face of leadership and the future of America. 

For five years now, American Leadership Fund has been a strong voice to help states stand on state sovereignty, to fight the "common core" nationalization of education, to stop ObamaCare and the invasion of our borders by terrorists, drug cartels and illegal immigrants, and to preserve Life and marriage against the unconstitutional judicial activism that has sought vigorously to overturn the voice of the people.  

With your continued support, we can continue to provide you updates and regular online seminars on important issues and we will prevail. 

We have extended our special offer of a book that is a MUST-read.

As presidential hopefuls line up in 2015, this expose of how Kingmakers "anoint" our presidential nominees is vital information for you and your children to have.

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- OR -




Donate $5

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Donate $100 or more and
get your FREE Complimentary Book*


Or mail check of any amount from a personal or
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Blessings to you for a Prosperous New Year!




President, American Leadership Fund

P.S.  Some have asked, why American Leadership Fund and not another fund? 

American Leadership Fund is not a single-issue or a libertarian fund.  It is solidly conservative in the tradition of the Founders. 

It is one of the few funds that supports constitutionally conservative candidates and causes across the board.  We are socially-morally conservative, as well as fiscally conservative. They are inseparable. 

When people make poor moral choices, statistics show they typically end up on welfare, and that is the chief cause of bloated entitlements destroying this nation's fiscal stability.

Please help us reach our goal before our January 31st deadline - whatever you are able. We need your support now.


Read more about Cherilyn here.

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