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Subject: "State-led" spin exposed via the Wayback machine
Date: Fri Jan 31 14:39:34 MST 2014

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"State-led" spin exposed via the Wayback machine

Please share this with your local school boards and legislators. Lets put this lie down once and for all.

Everyone knows how the proponents of Common Core keep touting how it was a “state led” effort. Though that is easily debunked by anyone who takes the time to research the process of how Common Core came about, we now have direct evidence right off the official Common Core website, through the internet archive machine.



Alpine School District offers Common Core assessment opt-out

My head is swimming in disbelief. Alpine School District has just published a Common Core test opt-out form and made it available to all parents in the school district. It’s a simple one page form. Unfortunately I can’t locate it on their website, but I was sent a copy from a parent in the district. It’s official and I’ve confirmed it with Board member Wendy Hart. Congratulations Alpine School District. Thank you for listening.



Stand for Marriage Event Tonight

For anyone interested and able to attend, tonight at the state capitol is a Stand for Marriage rally in support of Amendment 3. The gathering is under the rotunda at 7 PM. Among the speakers at the event are Robert Oscare Lopez (“The children of same-sex couples have a tough road ahead of them - I know, because I have been there.”) and Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage.



Oak Norton


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