From: John Fellows
To: Stuart Adams, Jacob Anderegg, Jim Bird, Melvin Brown, Kay Christofferson, Richard Cunningham, Jim Dabakis, Jack Draxler, Becky Edwards, Steve Eliason, Gage Froerer, Francis Gibson, Brian Greene, Keith Grover, Craig Hall, Steve Handy, Wayne Harper, Lynn Hemingway, Deidre Henderson, Lyle Hillyard, Greg Hughes, Eric Hutchings, Don Ipson, Ken Ivory, Scott Jenkins, Pat Jones, Mike Kennedy, John Knotwell, Brad Last, Dana Layton, David Lifferth, Mark Madsen, Karen Mayne, Daniel McCay, Ronda Menlove, Carol Moss, Wayne Niederhauser, Jim Nielson, Curtis Oda, Ralph Okerlund, Aaron Osmond, Val Peterson, Kraig Powell, Stuart Reid, Luz Robles, Angela Romero, Robert Spendlove, Howard Stephenson, Daniel Thatcher, Steve Urquhart, John Valentine, Todd Weiler, Mark A. Wheatley,
Subject: Education Bills
Date: Wed Jan 29 21:52:52 MST 2014

Hello everyone,


This email advises you about a shift in the lead drafting attorney for education bills. You are receiving this email because you have requested one or more education bills to be drafted by our office. 


As many of you know, our education attorney, Angie Stallings, is expecting twins in late February.  We anticipated that the twins might arrive early or, even if they arrive on time, they are likely to arrive before the end of session.  Because of the high demands on the education attorney during the last two weeks of session (drafting the Minimum School Finance Bills, for example), it seemed prudent to have someone ready to take over whenever Angie had to leave.  So, we brought back Tracy Nuttall to step in as attorney for the education bills.  (Our policy analysts Connie Steffen and Tiffany Stanley, both able drafters, will also continue to assist in drafting education bills.). Tracy, a former attorney in the Natural Resources area, is an excellent attorney and drafter.  She has been working with Angie, Connie, and Tiffany since early January and is already familiar with many education bill drafts and requests.


In order to allow Angie to protect her health and the health of the twins, we are making the transition immediately.  Beginning at once, please contact Tracy if you need an amendment or substitute for one of your education bills, need to provide drafting instructions, or seek to determine the status of an education bill.* Angie will be working from home as long as possible – advising and consulting with the other education drafters and doing some drafting herself.  Please do not contact her about your education bills: please contact Tracy Nuttall instead.


If you use your intern to contact attorneys in OLRGC, please inform them of this change.


Our goal, as always, is to provide you with timely and excellent bill drafts as allowed by the resources that you have provided to us.  Tracy will “fill the gap” created by Angie’s absence, whenever that occurs.


As always, if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact me.


Best, JF


*You may be interested to know that, as of this morning, we have 142 education bills so far, 28 of which are designated as priority bills. (This coming Thursday is the last day for legislators to designate their final priority bill.)  As you know, once we have sufficient direction about how to draft the bills, we draft priority bills first, then non- priority bills.  In both instances, we draft bills first-in, first-out: in other words, we draft the earliest requested bill first.