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Subject: Can We Fix Undermatching in Higher Ed?
Date: Wed Jan 15 18:07:37 MST 2014

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► January 15, 2014
Brown Center on Education Policy
Can We Fix Undermatching in Higher Ed? Would It Matter if We Did?

In advance of tomorrow’s White House summit on higher education, Matthew Chingos explores the phenomenon of undermatching—students attending less challenging colleges than their academic credentials would allow—which occurs disproportionately among disadvantaged students. Chingos examines what would happen if students of all backgrounds were better matched to schools, and finds that it would not meaningfully increase overall graduation rates. 
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The 2013 Education Choice and Competition Index (ECCI), released last week by Russ Whitehurst, was widely cited by national and local media, including:U.S. News and World Report, National JournalEducation Week, New York Post, Washington Post, Chalkbeat Colorado,Long Beach Press-Telegram,Arizona Daily Star,This Week in Education,, among others. 

Whitehurst's November Chalkboard post on universal pre-k was cited in an Education Weekarticle about state pre-k spending. Whitehurst was also quoted in aWashington Post article on the lasting benefits of preschool. 

Tom Loveless' continued analysis of Shanghai's PISA performance was cited in Politico's Morning Education.

Matt Chingos is quoted in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution column about the 12th anniversary of No Child Left Behind.


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