From: Cathy Dupont
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: FW: Amending Veterinary Practice Act
Date: Wed Jan 15 17:39:55 MST 2014

Senator Jenkins;

Your bill has been numbered. If you want to make the suggested changes I can prepare an amendment for committee.



From: []
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 11:46 PM
To: Scott Jenkins
Cc: Cathy Dupont
Subject: Amending Veterinary Practice Act


Hello Senator Jenkins and Ms. DuPont,


While working with several animal shelters in the area, I became aware of another problem originating

from DOPL that relates to the Veterinary Practice Act.  Animal shelters are placed in a very difficult position

regarding animal disease that plagues animal shelters.  Stray animals are taken in to the shelter; the shelter

is required to care for the animal for 5 days before they can take legal ownership of the animal.  These 5 days

allow the owner to reclaim their animal.  If no owner claims the animal within 5 days the shelter takes possession

of the animal.


DOPL is saying that during those 5 days the shelter can not offer any treatment to sick animals.  DOPL claims this

would be a violation of the Utah Veterinary Act.  Unfortunately, disease spreads fast in a shelter environment.

You may have heard of shelters that had to close temporarily while they corrected disease conditions.


In as much as we are attempting to amend the Veterinary Practice act to allow shelter employees to give

Rabies Vaccines to shelter animals, I think it might be possible to also correct this additional problem.


I have attached possible wording for this change.


Please let me know your thinking.


Thank you for your consideration,


Donald V. Renda, DVM

Amendment to Practice Act.doc