From: Diane Wood
Subject: Re: Expungement Law
Date: Mon Jan 13 20:56:03 MST 2014
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On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 4:15 PM, DONNA STEED <> wrote:
Please help us or tell us who can help:

To Whom It May Concern and ANYONE who can help,

Randin Martinez is a responsible, honest and caring person. When my daughter was teenager she went through a rough time during high school even though she was on the high school basketball team, singing competition, yearbook co-editor, etc. She turned 18 with 7 months of high school left and wrote checks on my closed account. As parents, who didn't know the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor,we decided to do the tough love thing. We let the credit union press charges against her, and made her plead guilty. One felony was $2.10 check.  The checks were mainly to grocery stores for groceries for a friend whose sick child had no food nor medicine. Also to teach her to take responsibility we would not get a lawyer, let a public defender deal with it. Day of trial was first time public defender talked to her and it was about 5 minutes, then district attorney said she would drop all charges except 1 for each county a check was written making 3 felonies, for a guilty plea.  We wanted our daughter to take responsibility and plead guilty regardless. (We were not very smart and had not had dealings with court before).

We did not know that she would never be able to expunge them. She completed everything she was asked to do, community service, substance therapy abuse, classes for the court. and paid her restitution.

When she was 19, she got married, worked at Taco Time went to school and got her C.N.A. She found that she could not do this work because of her background check. She went to work at Burger King and worked her way to manager. Burger King gave her her own store to manage at 2nd Street in Ogden. She was so successful that they moved her to their busiest store in West Roy. By this time she had two children and wanted a better life for her family. She always wanted to work in the medical field and got a job being a receptionist at a Clinic in Ogden. She went to school and got her Medical Assistant. She was promoted to the M.A. position at her clinic.

She started school at Weber College to do the pre nursing, had a paper route early in the morning, went to school, worked at the Ogden Clinic and ran the weekend shifts at Taco Time. The clinic would not work with her on her schedule for school so she found a Home Healthcare job where they would work with her and her college schedule. She started the expunging process and the board says because of the more than one felony law, they would not expunge her record. The home healthcare job helped her get a waiver from the Utah Nursing Board to work for them as a C.N.A. and M.A. She got her Associates degree at Weber State and applied for the nursing program. She was not given a chance because of the background check. She was accepted for an accelerated nursing program in SLC. And she supplimented her income working at Warrens as weekend manager.

She has offers for jobs in the medical field but when they do the background check they will not hire her. Just last week she had all the steps completed to work at the V.A. Rehab Center in Ogden and was called at the last minute over the background check which she was truthful on her application about her felonies and they said that it shouldn't matter.

Randin has not been in trouble for over 12 years and has worked so hard to make a better life for her family. She is a wonderful, compassionate, responsible adult. She cares for her patients and the well being of everyone around her. She has done everything required of her by the state to have a better life and lift herself up. She deserves a chance and you will not be sorry if you help her. Please don't doom her to a life of Burger King and Taco Time. She is a wonderful, responsible adult and needs your help. I am sure others are in the same boat. If you have any ideas that can help her, please let us know. I can produce letters from Doctors she has worked with and others in the community that will tell you of her character and to give her a chance.

Thanks for your time.

Donna Steed and Randin Martinez

P.O. Box 912

Roy, UT. 84067


Diane Wood
Judicial Assistant to Judge West