From: Desiree Day
To: David Hinkins,
Subject: Concerns about Parts of Senator Aaron Osmond's Bill - SB39
Date: Mon Jan 13 16:58:34 MST 2014
Hello Senator Hinkins, I am a constituent and resident of Carbon County in Utah.

I am writing about concerns with parts of Senator Aaron Osmond's bill SB39.  

I am sure this was not intentional, but for whatever reason there is a definitely a discriminatory nature of singling out one segment of non publicly educated students to the exclusion of transfers from private, military, boarding, out-of-state, or religious schools - home schoolers.

Current law allows for testing upon initial placement in public school for all students but current practice in Utah is placement of public and home school students based on age, with little, if any, regard to skill level or knowledge base. To subject only home school students to unique scrutiny and a divergent method of class assignment is inimical to the goal of good education. 

Since this would not be generally applied, it would isolate and stigmatize home schooled students, especially since there is no provision for students who test above their grade level. For example, if a student 14 years of age tested at grade level 12, would that student then be granted a diploma?

Secondly, I am not sure of the need to change the wait period for a certificate excusing a school-age minor from attendance from 30 days to 60 days? A few years ago, it was 60 days and Utah districts were abusing the 60 day policy and causing undue strain on Utah home schooling families. With great effort it was changed to 30 - now it may be changed to 60 just like that? Again, I am not saying this is intentional to hurt home schoolers, however, it is concerning and needs to be addressed.

Thank you sincerely for listening and taking these concerns into account. Please address these concerns and make the necessary changes. Sincerely, Ms. Day