From: Victoria Ashby
To: Richard Coleman, Brian Dean,
Subject: FW: Audit of cemeteries: Senator Jenkins bill
Date: Fri Jan 10 21:27:39 MST 2014

Rick and Brian:


Thought I’d check in and see if you had any comments on this draft.  Of course, you’re doing me a courtesy so if you don’t have time, no problem.


I plan to send it to Senator Jenkins for approval early next week.


Many thanks,



From: Victoria Ashby
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 2:13 PM
To: Richard Coleman; Brian Dean
Cc: Scott Jenkins
Subject: Audit of cemeteries: Senator Jenkins bill


Rick and/or Brian:


Senator Jenkins has asked that I draft a bill in response to your February 2013 Limited Review of Cemetery Maintenance District Operations.  I have tried take the audit suggestions and amend the cemetery code appropriately, but if you have a few minutes to review and send me suggestions, I’d appreciate it.  This is a protected bill.


One note:  many of my changes in Title 8 are clean-up.


Many thanks and happy new year.





Victoria Ashby, Associate General Counsel

Legislative Research and General Counsel

House Building, Suite W210

Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5210