From: SEMA Action Network (SAN)
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Driving Force Online: Happy New Year from the SEMA Action Network (SAN)!
Date: Thu Jan 02 20:21:36 MST 2014
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Although a rugged legislative path may await, we hope the New Year brings you great joy and happy trails.   

Navigating the Trail Ahead

Be it a sand dune, a snow-covered hill or a rocky mountain, leave it to gearheads to tame a steep climb. The ability to find a way and conquer the toughest terrain requires incredible motivation and perseverance. In order to achieve a successful result, each component in an off-road vehicle is as important as the next. However, even the best machine is compromised without a skilled driver. The same formula is necessary for a group of like-minded individuals with a unified cause, such as our SEMA Action Network (SAN).  

In many ways, it is no surprise that a slew of legislative victories were achieved by the SAN this year. Since 1997, our network has become a formidable force in state houses across the nation. However, these wins are earned, not granted.  (Read more)  



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Legislative Front Lines
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SEMA SAN Strike Force

Nicky Lynn (right) and Rose Moss (left) stand proudly next to their flamed, blue 1964 Chevy C-10 pickup.  The Neosho, Missouri-based pair enjoy using the truck for many purposes, with car shows and driving tours among their favorite activities.

With a growing demand and decreasing supply of available vintage “collector cars” and components, non-traditional models and replica vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among the auto enthusiast community.  Belonging to Nicky Lynn and Rose Moss, the unique truck pictured above is certainly an example of a vehicle that was long overlooked as a potential project.  Classic trucks were once considered solely for utilitarian purposes, much like wagons, buses and other models.  Outfitted with details such as a subtle flame job, custom wheels and tonneau cover, this C-10 has come far from its humble beginnings.  Hailing from Neosho, Missouri, the Chevy’s owners got involved with the SEMA Action Network (SAN) in 2007 with a desire to influence automotive laws.  In their words, “We want to be allowed to keep driving this old truck!”  As a result, they continue to participate in the SAN's legislative efforts and encourage others to participate.  Keep up the great work, Nicky and Rose!

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