From: Christiane Turner
To: Quantum NLP Law of Attraction,
Subject: [Quantum NLP Law of Attraction] WOW, Neville just nails it every time. Enjoy!
Date: Sun Jun 01 20:26:57 MDT 2014
Christiane Turner
Christiane Turner 2:26pm Jun 1
WOW, Neville just nails it every time. Enjoy!
I said, I go forward in time to where I have not yet visited physically, and I simply enclose myself in the feeling of the wish fulfilled. I haven’t yet realized it physically, but I go forward in my mind’s eye, in my imagination, into the state, and I talk with my friends from the wish fulfilled as though it were true.
Then I open my eyes and I am startled to find that I am sitting in a chair where I was a moment before. And what I have just done is denied by my senses, but strangely enough, the whole vast world reshuffles itself and forms a bridge of incidents, across which I move to the fulfillment of that state where I have been.

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