From: Ellen Brown
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Campaign News and Election Night Party
Date: Sun Jun 01 00:13:40 MDT 2014
Hi, the California top-two primary is June 3. If you live in California, we need your vote! I’m running for state treasurer and Laura Wells is running for state controller on a public bank platform. Only two candidates will go on to the November election, and it’s not possible to reach 37 million people without big money for TV ads; but we’re giving it our best shot!

KTTV seems to think we should be having an election night campaign party, so Brenda Kershenbaum has graciously agreed to host one. She’s in Hollywood near Melrose and Crescent Heights. Space is limited and so is parking. For the address, time and directions, please RSVP to  We’ll be discussing how we can get a city-owned bank going in Los Angeles and a state-owned bank going in California. If you can bring something to eat or drink, that would be great. Thanks Brenda!

There are two new short public banking videos up on the homepage to my campaign website at They’re on what a public bank is and why California needs one. Thanks to Rudy Avizius and Ken Walden for that!

I did a PowerPoint presentation for Gary Franchi’s Global Freedom Summit, which played this week. Today is the last day. It’s here: Sorry for the late notice! I’ve been traveling and politicking.

Wednesday on “It’s Our Money” on PRN I’ll be interviewing author and long-time money reformer Tom Greco. We’ll be discussing the new resistance of China, Russia and the BRICS to the global hegemony of the Western political/financial elite— those international financiers whose goal, according to Carroll Quigley, writing in the 1960s, is to "dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole." The program will air at noon PST/3 pm EST and can be heard at or in the archives.

I’ll have a new article posted tomorrow. Stay tuned!  
Best wishes,


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