From: Dawn Frandsen
To: Senate Republicans,
Subject: Application for Parent Standards Committee
Date: Sat May 31 03:30:44 MDT 2014



HB 342 requires the President to appoint 5 parents to the Core Curriculum Review Committee.


Attached is an application form for you to distribute.


The deadline for applicants will be June 15 and the application needs to be given either to you to forward to the president or sent directly to him.


Here is job description:


Each separate committee shall meet at least twice during the year to review core curriculum standards proposed by the Utah State Office of Education. The committees will review the proposed standards under their purview then report their recommend revisions to the State Board of Education. Additionally, committee members will report their findings and recommendations to the Legislature and or the Senate President.


The standards do not come up for review at the same time. Elementary and secondary math, 6, 7, 8 science and social studies committees will begin in July. The remainder of the standards committees will commence their work in the fall. In addition to the review and suggestions made by the committees, the public will be invited to comment on the standards there will be at least three public meetings held across the state where the public can examine and make recommendations on the drafts of the standards.


Committee members will not receive compensation or benefits for committee service, but will receive mileage or accommodation reimbursement if they reside 50 miles or more from the meeting location.