From: iConstituent
To: sjenkins,
Subject: Are You Twitter Shy?
Date: Fri May 30 17:58:56 MDT 2014

Forget the likes and
 followers engage with the fans you have and more will come.
10 ways to build Online Community Members' Loyalty
Too often there is an obsession with boosting likes and views of fans and followers. There is no priority placed on what really matters...engagement and retention. Here are 10 ways to achieve a greater loyalty among your online members.

It is important to engage with your
 constituents on Twitter.
Are you Twitter shy?
Many people are hesistant to share information over the internet. They often wonder "What if i say the "wrong" thing?" or "What is the point?". In today's world interacting with people over social media is imperative and here is why you should be actively engaged on twitter.
Rep is Earned, Not Given: Build Your Mailing Reputation
Learn the strategies and best practices for establishing a strong mailing reputation - and keeping it. You don't want to miss out on this great information!
We send more
 emails than anybody. Let us help you reach your communications goals.
Check out our blog post for an email campaign makeover.
Email Campaign Makeover
Email is a reliable method that consistently offers a positive ROI. However, it can be easy to fall into a routine and become complacent with your content strategy. Learn some tricks to boost your email campaign.
Take the guess work out of your
 social strategy.
Solve the Social Mystery
Take the guess work out of your social strategy. Devising a social plan is essential. However, it takes a lot of time to find what works best. Skip the long wait and learn what works and doesn't. 
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