From: Dan Dye
Subject: Ardent Mills is open for business!
Date: Thu May 29 18:24:08 MDT 2014


Today, Ardent Mills is open for business!


It is my pleasure to tell you that the formation of the joint venture between ConAgra Mills and Horizon Milling is complete and we are now excited to move forward to operating as Ardent Mills.   By combining our operations, we have created a premier flour milling company where innovation, quality and service are at the forefront of our work and our values. 


The scope of our customer reach is expanding, allowing us to put food on more tables. The diversity and size of our portfolio of products means Ardent Mills is in more places producing more products. Every day, we work with our customers' needs in mind to ensure we and our products are serving them best.

Our products will always be of the highest quality as we strive to provide wholesome, safe food every time, everywhere.


Ardent Mills will tap the market knowledge, transportation logistics, consumer insights, wheat sourcing capabilities, food ingredients and culinary expertise currently available through its legacy parent companies – ConAgra Foods, Cargill and CHS. It will also provide expanded opportunities for wheat growers and co-ops because its asset base will offer additional sourcing opportunities. In addition, Ardent Mills' product innovation capabilities and other strengths will enable these wheat growers to further connect to the consumer marketplace.

Our core values drive why we do the work we do. We feed those we love and those we've never met. Ardent Mills' vision is to be the most trusted partner in nurturing our customers, consumers and our communities by providing the most innovative and nutritious grain-based flour and ingredients on the planet. Above all, we seek to enhance quality of life and standard of health.


In the coming months, we will look for opportunities to get to know you better and for you to get to know us and Ardent Mills. 





Dan Dye                                                                                                            Bill Stoufer

CEO, Ardent Mills                                                                                             COO, Ardent Mills