From: Jim Dabakis
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: A Personal Message - Will You Stand With Me
Date: Thu May 29 14:03:02 MDT 2014
Dear friend,
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"Sometimes, it can be a little lonely. Votes of 28-1 or 27-2. What keeps me going is that I know you are there with me. And, together, we are changing the state. For the better. But to keep doing that, I need your help. I am asking you for money for my re-election."
If you need a little encouragement to help, here is why I need your support.
1. Some think my Senate race is a sure thing. I do not see it that way. I am running for my life. I am determined that Utah will have at least one loud, informed, progressive voice in our legislature. For the next four years, if re-elected, I will speak out. I have two Tea Party opponents and first, I must be sure that I do not let the people of Senate 2 and ALL of Utah down. I must win. I pledge to work and work and work on re-election as well as on the issues that matter to us, like protecting our environment, our rights, and our inclusive values! 

2. I need your support to get our progressive--OK, LIBERAL, message out. I am proud to serve the people of Senate 2 but so often, around the state people say to me, 'you are the person who represents MY viewpoint'. With about 30% of the state politically progressive, I feel as if I should represent these Utahns as well. As Progressives, we must communicate our ideas on education, clean air, equality, public lands, integrity in government, higher education, increasing the minimum wage, immigration and so many other issues. 
  • It's my job to call in the Executive Director of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and ask, calmly and politely, 'On a whim, sir, how can DABC prohibit a variety of beers at Snowbird's Oktoberfest? This arbitrary rule change will hurt many other local festivals as well. Why was this changed without any input from the public?' And, I can demand answers.
  • It's my job, in the Natural Resources Committee, to ask, 'Why don't we get serious about a Greater Canyonlands?' 
  • It's my job to ask, "Governor, the President wants to send Utah $340 million dollars giving health care insurance to 123,000 Utahns under Medicaid Expansion. You sir, are arguing a 'Healthy Utah', that would cut it down to $240 million and cover only 90,000 Utahns. That is, respectfully, dumb. Take the money, help the people"
  • It's my job, on K-12 education, to awkwardly say, "GOP friends, there should be no fist pumping about, in a 'good' funding year, just keeping up with growth. We rank 51st in education funding. 51st! Utah has the most children per classroom in America. Our minority students are only graduating at about a 59% rate. My friends, we need more money, now". 

3. There are many campaign expenses. To get OUR message out, I need a great staff (way underpaid and overworked), yard signs, banners, brochures, websites, petitions, YouTube video's, etc. We are not just running a political campaign, we are running a highly responsive "alert system" in the state about REAL Utah values--Progressive values. To get that message out, I need your help.  I do not take any money from PAC's. Zero. I do not take money from special interests. Zero. I do not take money from Corporations. Zero. That means I depend on you, my friends. Please stand together with me.
If you prefer, send a check to:
Jim Dabakis for Senate
PO Box 24 
SLC, Utah 84101
Here are a few issues I am passionate about
Saving the Salt Lake Tribune
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Attend the Save The Tribune Rally
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Ending Gov. Herbert's and AG Reyes' Appeals over LGBT Equality
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