To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Does the New Obamacare Rule Hurt Government Efforts to End Retiree Health Care?
Date: Thu May 29 12:27:33 MDT 2014

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Report: Keys to Successful Public-Private Partnerships

Flexibility, public engagement and predictability help attract outside money for infrastructure, experts say.

Can a New Police Force Turn Around One of the Nation's Most Violent Cities?

In hopes of reducing the city's high crime rate, Camden, N.J., made a controversial and unprecedented move a year ago to replace its police force.

States Relax Medicaid Eligibility for Former Foster Kids

Eleven states are extending a provision of the federal health law to avoid punishing former foster kids for pursuing jobs or schools in other states.


News in Numbers


Number of Minnesota laws repealed this year as part of Gov. Mark Dayton's "unsession" initiative to get rid of obsolete laws.

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Public Officials of the Year 2014

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May 29, 2014

Does the New Obamacare Rule Hurt Government Efforts to End Retiree Health Care?

The IRS will start penalizing employers for sending their employees to the health exchange -- a cost-saving move that a few big cities and counties have done to their retirees.


Today's Headlines from Around the Nation

Supreme Court Rules Secret Documents Must Be Allowed in Florida Redistricting Trial
Can Maryland Collect Taxes on Out-of-State Income?
Health & Human Services
Florida Governor Suing Feds to Allow VA Hospital Inspections
Chris Christie Signs Law to Unseal Adoptee Records
Management & Labor
Michigan Hikes Minimum Wage to $9.25 an Hour
2,000 Get Detroit's Pension-Cutting Ballot with Wrong Info
Public Safety & Justice
Seattle Police Reject Federally Mandated Reforms
Lawmakers Introduce Gun Bill After Isla Vista Shooting
Rahm Emanuel Wants to Videotape Gun Sales
Mississippi Is Home to the Feds' Guarded Stash of Marijuana
Medicaid Expansion to Cover College Students
How Water, Waste and Energy Systems
Shape Our Future

Our cities are massive, interconnected systems marked by complexity. But often the most crucial components of urban life are overlooked because they happen underground or out of view. In this edition of FutureStructure, we examine three of these critical systems - water, waste and energy.

Read the paper here.

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The Payment-Reform Prescription for Medicaid

States need to change the way they pay providers. Rewarding prevention and improved health outcomes is better for everybody.


The Value in Our Garbage

The food we don't eat gives us gas. But beyond renewable energy generation, organic waste holds the potential of big benefits for our communities.


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