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Subject: Capitol Research: ACA Enrollment, Medical Marijuana and Federal Land Management
Date: Wed May 28 19:07:16 MDT 2014

May 2014


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ACA Open Enrollment Closes: 8 Million Insured, 4 Million in Medicaid

After a rocky rollout, health insurance exchanges across the country finished the open enrollment period with more than 8 million individuals selecting health policies available through the exchanges. An additional 4 million people have enrolled in expanded Medicaid programs. Data released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, however, suggest affordability remains a barrier to health insurance for many despite available subsidies. More...


Infographic: 12.8 Million Get
Health Insurance through Exchanges

During the first ACA open enrollment period, 12.8 million people signed up for health insurance. More than 8 million purchased health insurance policies through the exchanges and 85 percent of those buyers qualified for a tax subsidy to reduce the premium cost. Another 4.8 million enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP programs in states, an 8.2 percent increase in overall Medicaid enrollees nationally. More...


Prescribed Pot: Medical Marijuana
Gaining Approval in the States

After Colorado and Washington voters approved constitutional amendments in 2013 to allow for recreational use of marijuana, many believe the movement to decriminalize the drug is making headway. More...


Infographic: Prescribed Pot

Medical marijuana has been around for years and support is growing in other states that don't already allow use of the drug for medical purposes. More...


Federal Land Management in the States

Many Western states have a noticeable percentage of federally controlled land intermingled with the state and private land within their borders. Federal ownership means the land is governed by federal rules and regulations. While the federal government makes efforts to ensure activities on federal lands complement adjacent land management, complexities abound. More...


Infographic: Entrepreneurial Activity
by State, 1996-2013

The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity is a leading indicator of new business creation in the United States. The index calculates the percentage of the adult, non-business owner population that starts a business over time using data from the Current Population Survey. More...  

Felon Voter Disenfranchisement

More than 5.85 million Americans--nearly 1 in 40 adults--have lost the right to vote due to a felony conviction. Only two states, Maine and Vermont, do not restrict the rights of felons to vote. The remaining states have widely differing laws regarding how and when felons may regain the right to vote. More...


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» ACA Open Enrollment Closes with 8 Million Getting Insurance, 4 Million Enrolled in Medicaid
» Infographic: 12.8 Million Get Health Insurance through Exchanges
» Prescribed Pot: Marijuana Gaining Approval
» Infographic: Prescribed Pot
» Federal Land Management in the States
» Infographic: Entrepreneurial Activity by State, 1996-2013
» Felon Voter Disenfranchisement






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