From: Envision Utah
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Corp. Friends Breakfast, Kids talk about Pedestrian Friendly Streets, Ty Burrell & more . . .
Date: Tue May 27 21:12:36 MDT 2014
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Big Kids, Little City - Ep. 10 : Pedestrian Friendly

What does it mean to be pedestrian friendly? Find out what kids think about not running people over. (Spoiler: They don't like it)

Corporate Friends Breakfast

Corporate friends breakfast was held at the Little America Hotel on thursday May 22nd.  This event was a tremendous success.  Thank you everyone for all of your support and contributions!  Special thanks to Matt Eyring who gave an inspiring keynote speach about Utah as home base for some of the strongest new growth businesses — including the Internet of Things — of the next decade.

Robert Grow with Matt Eyring

New Staff Picture

A Love Letter to Salt Lake City by Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell loves Salt Lake City.
The man who stars as Phil in the ABC sitcom "Modern Family" wrote Utah’s capital city a love letter that was published in the Huffington post.

Dear Salt Lake City,

Ours has been a relatively brief love, but a strong one nonetheless. I met you in 1999 when I did a play at the Pioneer Theatre Company as a way of spending more time near my girlfriend, now wife, Holly. I loved you immediately for your humility and your unassuming nature.

Over the next 10 years my wife and I travelled back and forth to spend time with family and began to fall deeper in love with your incredibly affordable lifestyle and immediate access to the outdoors. We fell so deeply that we didn't feel like we could be apart anymore and we moved from New York in 2008.

I'm sorry but over the past 6 years we've become stalkers. It's your fault. We didn't realize the incredible impact that having the differing viewpoints of both the religious and secular populations of Utah would have on us. So many cities are actually mono-cultures and Salt Lake has an inherent diversity that's not always apparent. We didn't realize that the earnest, good nature of your citizens would lead to a feeling of wanting to pitch in even more, or that it would lead to us investing in this growing community. Nor did we realize that the same qualities of affordability and proximity to nature that brought us here would also bring thousands of creative folks wanting to raise their families in this ridiculously beautiful place.

I'm fairly certain that you're about to explode onto the national scene in the way that some other smaller cities have in the past 10 years. I will try to keep my jealousies at bay as people move here. I'll make you a deal. If, as you grow, you pay attention with great detail to traffic, air quality, conservation, affordable housing, and social justice, then I will work hard to never get so weirdly possessive that you need to take out a restraining order.

With Love, Ty

Our Response to Ty . . .

Uinta Basin and WFRC ALG Mobile Labs

As part of the Your Utah | Your Future inititave, Envision Utah traveled to Vernal and Salt Lake City to meet with the Uintah Basin Association of Governments and Wasatch Front Regional Council respectively.

Utilizing our new mobile iPad Advanced Strategy Lab, we spent time listening and finding out what major issues, opportunities, and challenges each of the groups see in their regions through 2050.

Catherine Jones - HR/Administrative Director

We are excited to welcome Catherine to the Envision Utah team!

Catherine joined Envision Utah in 2014. She brings over 20 years of HR experience within multiple industries including; Hospitality, Property Management, Health Care, Real Estate Investment, Retail, Beverage Distribution and Law.

Prior to joining Envision Utah, she was the Sr. Human Resources Director for The InterCoastal Group of Companies based in Los Angeles. The company has two divisions one specializing in subsidized housing and the other in Hospitality. Catherine graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Communication.

Catherine is a native of Southern California, but moved to Utah to fulfil the dream of living a “Life Elevated!”

When not at Envision Utah, Catherine can be found hiking, skiing, camping, at the shooting range or riding her mountain bike down the ski runs in Park City