From: Rep.Kapenga
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Final Reminder: RSVP to the Indianapolis Meeting of the Mount Vernon Assembly
Date: Wed May 21 20:14:14 MDT 2014



May 21, 2014

Dear Fellow Legislator,

This is a final reminder to RSVP for our next meeting at the Indiana Statehouse on June 12th and 13th. If you plan on attending please contact Senator Caryn Tyson’s office (KS) at

Our initial meeting at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate this past December began the important discussion around our constitutional responsibility as state legislators to take action on the issues of this nation. A bi-partisan group of nearly 100 legislators from 33 states were involved.

This next meeting will focus on the beginning stages of drafting rules and procedures by which any Article V convention for proposing amendments would operate. The Constitution is clear that this is under the authority of the state legislatures. The states have not yet done this in any official capacity, and this unknown has been a major stumbling block to any Article V action.

As soon as rules and procedures are defined, we will be able to better focus our attention on actual solutions to the problems our nation faces. It is clear that any solutions must be acceptable to a wide range of political views from both ends of the spectrum, and we all know that without communication nothing will be accomplished.

It is important to once again note that there are no outside organizations involved in this. The Article V process was established by our founders with the intent that the state legislatures, as direct representatives of the people, ensure the Constitution remains the will of the people and not special interest groups. Political purity must be maintained if any effort is to be successful. If any organization makes claim to being related, they are doing so inappropriately.

The final deadline to reserve a hotel room for this meeting, at our group rate, is today. More information including a travel memo is available through the the office of  Representative Chris Kapenga’s (WI) at (608) 266-3007 or

Thank you,

The Mount Vernon Assembly Executive Committee

Representative Chris Kapenga Representative Kenneth Marshall
Co-Chair, Wisconsin Co-Chair, Rhode Island
Senator Steve Thompson, Georgia Senator David Long, Indiana
Representative Matt Huffman, Ohio Representative Andrew Martin, Nevada
Senator Caryn Tyson, Kansas Representative Gary Banz, Oklahoma