From: Mike Elliott, MMIG
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Colorado to Research Medical Efficacy of Marijuana
Date: Wed May 21 15:02:44 MDT 2014
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Today, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper will sign into law SB 155, "Medical Marijuana Health Effects Grant Program."  The bill will fund $10 million of research into the medical efficacy of marijuana.  


Recently, the media has covered many extraordinary instances of marijuana helping people, including children with epilepsy, veterans with PTSD, and the terminally ill.  


At the same time, the federal government refuses to acknowledge that cannabis has any medical value, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.    


"Why doctors Gupta, Oz, and Besser changed mind on pot," by Ricardo Baca, Denver Post, May 13th, 2014. 


The federal government has refused to research the medical efficacy of marijuana, so Colorado is stepping up in order to promote health and safety.  


Here are a few articles demonstrating the importance of this research.  



  • "As success stories of kids fighting seizures with cannabis oil mount, legal landscape is changing" Colorado Springs Gazette, By David Philipps, 5/4/14 click here

  • "Cannabis and Kids: Some Boulder County parents say marijuana has helped their children" By Aimee Heckle, Boulder Daily Camera, 1/29/14 click here


  • "Out of Options: Veterans With PTSD Hit Pot Underground" NBC News, By Bill Briggs 4/1/14 Click here
  • "A Vet Finds PTSD Relief With Pot, Though Law Creates Hurdles" NPR, By Chris Remington 12/19/2013 Click here
  • "More and More Veterans Are Smoking Weed To Treat Their PTSD" Vice, By Thor Benson 11/7/2013 Click here

Multiple Sclerosis

  • "Medical marijuana helps alleviate multiple sclerosis symptoms, latest research suggests" The Boston Globe, By Deborah Kotz, 4/28/14 click here
  • "Medical marijuana may alleviate some symptoms of multiple sclerosis" Fox News, By Amanda Woerner, 3/25/14 click here

The bill passed with bi-partisan support.  


We would like to thank the bill's chief sponsors - Senator Pat Steadman, and Representatives May and Duran - as well as Dr. Larry Wolk, and Governor John Hickenlooper.  


Thank you.  


Mike Elliott


Executive Director 

Marijuana Industry Group


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