From: Cherilyn Eagar - American Leadership Fund
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Big Wins for Marriage...But did you see THIS?
Date: Tue May 20 13:01:49 MDT 2014
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Did you know ... there's a Republican pro-gay Super PAC? 

That's right - and the first quarter reports are now in.  The "American Unity PAC," a pro-Gay "Republican" Super PAC, has raised $2.75 million already this year.  That's more than it raised in all of 2012 combined! 

It's time to go on the counter-offensive.

We're going to have a big showdown in the Republican Party, which has always the Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage Party.  We need your help...

Are we going to let them win?  Are we going to retreat?  Are we quitters? 

Good grief...NO, of course not!!!  But YOU'RE not getting the truth....

Join me in the challenge to match them in the next quarter! Right now - today - with your generous donation of any amount from personal or corporate accounts so we can get the truth out!


What the Liberal Media Don't Want You To Know
On Monday, May 19, 2014 yet another state Marriage law was struck down in Oregon.  No surprises there.  The 9th Circuit Court is the most liberal Circuit Court in the nation. 

My friend, this is a long-term, planned strategy.  Expect that there will be at least one court case in every Circuit Court of Appeals before they're through trying to destroy Marriage and Family. 

But they won't.  What they're trying to do is to create a false sense that we're just "on the losing ... the wrong side of history."

But look at what's happening: We ARE winning!

Utah: AG Stands Up for Adoption Laws
On Friday, May 16, 2014 the liberal 3rd District Court of Utah ruled in favor of adoption rights for two same sex couples who were "married" before the Supreme Court declared a "stay" in support of Utah's Marriage law. 

But Utah's Attorney General Sean Reyes did the right thing.  He stood up and declared the rulings unconstitutional because they violated Utah's existing law prohibiting adoption by same-sex couples. 

Indiana: Pro-Marriage Candidates WIN!

In Indiana, two pro-gay Republicans campaigned against the state's constitutional amendment protecting Marriage, and they LOST! 

Yes.  You heard that right! 

The pro-gay "marriage" candidates LOST and the pro-Marriage candidates won - BIG!

But did you hear that on the news?  Probably not.  That's because liberals are terrified at what's happening in 2014. 

And that's why the American Leadership Fund is so important.  We need your help now! 

Your generous donation of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more will help us get OUR message out and elect principled candidates.

North Carolina: More Pro-Marriage Wins You May Not Have Heard About...

In North Carolina, the voters - by a 61% - 37% margin - passed a ban on gay marriage that is now going into the state's charter. 

Once again, our pro-Marriage activists have won another David and Goliath battle. 

This war is not over.  The Pro-Life movement has shown the way to do it. 

They've raised a ton of money, and they've turned the nation.  Now it's time for us to step it up to build OUR pro-Marriage, pro-Family fund for the 2016 elections. 

So Many Causes Need My Help.  Why Should I Support the American Leadership Fund?

Different organizations have different roles and purposes.  Many are 501 (c) 3 think/research tanks.  Others are "c 4" advocacy groups.  We need them because they provide good information and education.  But they are PROHIBITED from raising funds to support candidates and getting them elected.  They can't do independent expenditures either. 

Here's how we're different and this is the essential missing piece:  

The American Leadership Fund is building the ONLY fund of its kind that has the courage, the strategic plan, the right message and conservative Hollywood flimmakers to craft those messages and to support the candidates to defend these moral/social issues.

We have recently begun this fundraising campaign
.  Because of your support, we are now engaged in these Court cases challenging Marriage. 

Our immediate focus is to save Marriage because every child needs a mom and a dad. 

But there are other issues as well that define us as conservatives that we must be ready to fight.  Those include the federal take-over of health care, education and the growing welfare state.  Marriage is at the core of those troubling fiscal problems our nation faces.  That's exactly why Marriage is our top priority. Read on...

We need your continued support now so we will be prepared. 

Will we let the pro-Gay lobby raise more money than pro-Marriage advocates?  No!  We cannot.

The real question is:  How serious are we about winning this fight?

If we are serious about our children and the stable environment society must protect for them ... if we really believe that Marriage provides children the best environment, then we need to give it more than lip service.  This is TOP priority!

Yes, many worthy causes are seeking our attention, but if we are honest with ourselves, no other cause is as crucial to the future of Liberty than electing Pro-Marriage and Religious Liberty candidates.

Here's why your financial support so crucial: 

Without ample funding pro-Marriage, pro-Life, pro-Family candidates cannot get elected.

Without ample funding our side's media message can't be produced.

We need to step up the pace NOW.  If not US, then WHO?  If not NOW, then WHEN?   

Please help American Leadership Fund become the best-funded major LEADER on the national stage. Let's beat the RINO's, progressives and the pro-Gay activists! 

How's My Contribution Being Used?

Your contribution will go to developing the cutting edge tools to raise the money to support candidates and their messages.  Then we will carefully select the best candidates that will show real courage and leadership to support Marriage and to protect a child's need to have both a mom and a dad. 

By supporting Marriage, we are also supporting a strong economy and the reduction of the welfare state!

Your generous donation of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more is needed now. Today. 

Are you hearing "Marriage" is a "losing" cause for GOP Candidates?

Of course you are! That's because the money is going to the wrong places and messages. 

Do not let the progressive "mainstream" moderate RINOs continue to strengthen the Equality Federation's message that falsely claims that gay marriage is "the right side of history" and that "Republicans will never again get elected running on a Pro-Marriage and Life platforms." 

Baloney!  These are lies! 

Where Do I Go to Find the Truth?
Our new website is publishing new facts and great content regularly.  We will continue to provide more and more information. 

If your children, your adult children and friends are asking questions about why gay "marriage" shouldn't be the standard and other difficult questions they are being hammered with by liberal media, we're posting simple answers to these difficult questions on our new website.  We urge you to share this information with them.  We'll keep you updated.

Remember, when it comes to Marriage, we're not "anti"-anything.  We're simply pro-Marriage - and we always have been.

The only definition of Marriage is the union between a man and a woman.  Nothing else can be called  "Marriage."

Every child needs a mom and a dad.  That's why society should support and promote Marriage, not undermine it. 

God bless.


Cherilyn Eagar
President, American Leadership Fund

P.S. We are moving forward at a fast pace to defend marriage laws in the Courts wherever we are able. We're in the 4th and 10th Circuit Courts already.  The big show-down at the U.S. Supreme Court is coming.  Please donate right away whatever amount you can.  Whether $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or even $10,000, we must continue to fund the legal defens
e, and we are running out of time for the deadlines. 

We need to raise another $10,000 in the next 24 hours.  If you know anyone that can match your donation, please forward this email to them. You can also make a recurring monthly contribution.

Sign the petition to Save Marriage Now!

If you prefer to donate by mail, send a check payable to:

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