From: Joanna MacKay
To: Senators,
Subject: Capitol Construction Updates
Date: Mon May 19 23:48:33 MDT 2014

Dear Senators,


I am sending a quick update regarding the construction going on at the Capitol going on now, for your information.  As you are hopefully aware, the tile throughout the building is being replaced over the next 2 years.  Space that the Senate uses for business purposes will be finished by the end of this year. 


I have attached a map that shows you when areas on the 3rd and 4th floor will be under construction, if you feel so inclined to view the information.  Dates are subject to change but they are working hard to stay on schedule.

Here is a quick summary of what the maps indicate:


Senate Majority Caucus Kitchen and Elevator Area Closed:

18 JUNE – 30 JUL

(This will affect coming up to the office from the parking lot – there will be signs directing you where to detour)


Senate Main Office Door 320 Closed:

23 JUL – 3 SEP

(There will also be a detour for this closure)


Senate Chamber East Door Closed:

23 JUL – 3 SEP


Senate Chamber Middle and West Doors Closed:

7 SEP – 22 OCT


Senate Minority Office 460 Closed:

23 SEP – 4 NOV


Good news:

The restrooms in the south hallway are now open for business!

And the area across from the main office doors should open in the coming weeks.


Update on the Eastside parking garage entrance:

This will be unavailable until July-ish.  There are engineers working on research and costs associated with the concrete slab thermal expansion and erosion that is occurring and causing safety issues.

If this is the side you enter the parking area from, you can still enter on the West side of the Capitol and drive through.


Hope this is helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions.