From: Network of Care
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Subject: A Creative Way to Improve Mental Health in Our Communities!
Date: Mon May 19 07:13:28 MDT 2014

Network of Care
Network of Care for Mental Health Network of Care Video Demo
A Creative Way to Improve Mental Health in Our Communities!


It seems we often read headlines about tragedies that can come from undetected or untreated mental illness. The irony is that treatment for the vast majority can be extremely effective – yes, mental illness can be treated! One of the biggest challenges we have today is to get around the stigma to inform and connect people with knowledge and resources that will help them.

There is a program created in California that works. It is called the Network of Care for Behavioral Health. This program centers around low-cost, community-based Web portals with comprehensive, locally customized information about all services and programs; support; networking; knowledge; news; Personal Health Records; online assessment and recovery tools, and much more. These non-commercial information hubs are free to the public and confidential – and have proven to be extremely well-used.

The Network of Care program, offered in partnership with the National Association of Counties, is supported by a wide variety of national mental health associations and advocates. The Network of Care is now in several hundred localities in some 30 states. It also has led to companion projects for Prisoner Reentry and returning Veterans. These programs are easily replicated to any county or state in the country.

Here is a short YouTube demo of the Network of Care

If you are interested in learning more about this remarkable project, please contact Bruce Bronzan at or (415) 458-5900.

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