From: HR Communication
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Avoid the 8 errors of failed change
Date: Thu May 15 13:48:02 MDT 2014

15 strategies to manage workplace change
June 10, 2014 * 2 - 3:15 p.m. Central

Dear HR Communicator,

Your leaders, your employees, and you manage to get through change every day. Yet change still strikes fear in everyone's heart.

It's your job to guide others through the fear of change. You must know the best way to do this or fear can sabotage your organization.

Join senior HR professional Carol Hacker for this webinar and learn how to:

  • Understand how important the transition through change is
  • Develop a downsizing plan that makes the transition for those who leave as painless as possible
  • Confidently lead the "survivors," both exempt and non-exempt, after layoffs
  • Avoid the 8 errors of failed change
  • Communicate early and often but never prematurely
  • Say the right things no matter the kind of change or the extent
  • Address "doing more with less" with creative ideas for time management and cost-cutting
  • Apply 6 steps that get employees to accept change—hint: start by coaching leaders on how to coach others
  • Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes in managing change
  • Help employees work through the 5 steps of grieving

Change is the norm, not the exception. You must cope with it, and get employees and leaders through it. Start with this webinar.

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