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Subject: 2 career-killing behaviors; How to reduce civilian deaths
Date: Tue May 13 20:05:51 MDT 2014
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May 2014
Dear Fire Chief Subscriber,
In this month's eNews, Dennis Rubin describes two bad behaviors that will kill your fire service career. Matt Hinds-Aldrich introduces us to an economic theory that can change fire-code compliance, and Russ Sanders explains how he cut civilian deaths without going over budget.

Linda Willing offers some advice on what a fire chief must do to change their department's culture, and the latest installation of The Command Post podcast is ready for your listening pleasure. In this episode, Rom Duckworth and Rob Wylie discuss why Reno firefighters are being laid off.
— Fire Chief team
Featured Article
2 bad behaviors that will kill your fire service career
By Dennis Rubin, FR1 Columnist
Not only can harassment and discrimination undermine your leadership, they can land you in court; here's how to protect yourself. Make it policy
13 ways fire chiefs can kill their careers
The biggest issues facing women firefighters today
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Exclusive Articles
This economic theory can change fire-code compliance
By Matt Hinds-Aldrich, Ph.D.
Behavioral economics is an emerging trend that is working in the private sector, and one fire chiefs can use to improve fire-safety behavior. Coaxing behavior
Interview: How I cut civilian fire deaths with less money
By Rick Markley, FR1 Editor in Chief
Former Louisville Fire Chief Russ Sanders discusses how he brought the city back from the brink of being the worst for civilian fire fatalities. Anyone can do it
Leadership Tips
What a fire chief must do to change the culture
By Linda Willing, FR1 Columnist
It's more important to be honest and deal with the reality of the situation than to just say the right words. Emotional commitment
The Command Post Podcast
Traffic incident management, managing change in fire service
Hosts Rom Duckworth and Rob Wylie discuss why Reno firefighters are being laid off and how to manage change in the fire service. Listen up
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Featured News
Mayor chooses new FDNY commissioner
Beloved NY fire chief dies at CFSI meeting
Okla. fire department charging insurance for non-fire calls
Former fire chief talks about friction in Prescott
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City council turns back firefighters' plea on sick leave
Could this have been better handled, and if so, how?
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