From: Christiane Turner
To: Quantum NLP Law of Attraction,
Subject: [Quantum NLP Law of Attraction] In my words: If you are stressed out, get into a...
Date: Tue May 13 15:41:09 MDT 2014
Christiane Turner
Christiane Turner 9:41am May 13
In my words: If you are stressed out, get into a better state first, before you take any action.

"If there is something that you have to do, resist the temptation to do it under duress. Ask yourself, "What's the worst thing that would happen if I didn't do this?" And if you can get away with not doing it at all, don't do it. And then imagine what would it feel like to have this done. Spend a day or two, if you can, just 15 minutes here, 5 minutes here, 2 minutes here, here and here, imagining it completed in a way that pleases you! And then, the next time you decide that you're going to take action about it, the action is going to be a whole lot easier."

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