From: Allen Halm
Subject: Email Local Homeowners and Businesses today
Date: Tue May 13 15:08:42 MDT 2014

Insurance Professionals,

What we do at FirstChoice is Residential & Commercial Email Compilation. Our clients select the zip codes that they typically mail to and then we append an email address to the Homeowners, Renters and Business owners in those zip codes.
By having the email address of the Residents in your community your eliminating the time, manpower and expenses that a typical mailing or telemarketing campaign can run. The best part about Emailing residents are the results which are typically higher than a mailing campaign. With email you can also contact these potential clients as many times as you want without a recurring cost.
In  addition to the Email address  we also provide you with the residents First Name, Last Name and full mailing address on an excel spreadsheet.  
The list is yours to keep, we keep the areas exclusive and there are no contracts.
If you would like to know how many local commercial or residential emails we have for your local area, please give us a call or simply reply to this email.


W. Allen Halm

FirstChoice Manager


Corporate address:

96 Main Street

Big Flats, NY 14814


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