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Q2 2014 Office of Energy Development Newsletter
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WELCOME to the 2nd Quarter 2014 Edition of Utah Energy Works, Utah's Energy Efficiency Development Newsletter. 

Virtual Town Hall Focuses on Utah’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan  

Governor Gary R. Herbert’s 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan’s sixth recommendation states that “Utah should have a statewide plan for reducing energy consumption.”  In order to fulfill this recommendation, in August of 2013 the Governor’s Energy Advisor and the Office of Energy Development (OED) launched a stakeholder-driven process to facilitate the creation of the Utah Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan.

As part of the public comment process, on April 30 OED hosted a Virtual Town Hall to present the plan and to discuss the 26 recommendations developed by the Team Committees. These recommendations target programs, public outreach, and policy measures that could help the State realize its energy efficiency and conservation potential.  Representatives from the following sectors: 1) Residential and Commercial Buildings, 2) Alternative Transportation and Fuels, 3) Agriculture, 4) Industry and 5) Public Education and Outreach presented the Plan's recommendations in a live-feed hosted through the Utah State University network.  On-line participants were able to submit questions that were addressed by both committee representatives and members from the live audience.

The final version of the Utah Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan will be released at the upcoming Governor's Energy Development Summit, to be held on June 3-4 at the Salt Palace Convention Center..  

Office of Energy Development and the National Energy Foundation Complete Water Energy in Action Program

As summer approaches, the Water Energy in Action program will come to a successful conclusion. This program, sponsored by OED and conducted by the National Energy Foundation (NEF), allowed over 100 teachers and 3,500 4th-12th grade students to enjoy hands-on, interactive educational activities about the water cycle, water treatment processes, water efficiency, water quality, and water-based generation facilities.  

In an attempt to reach out to all parts of the state, two workshops were held in Salt Lake City and one in St. George.  Each teacher who attended a workshop received a Water Energy in Action kit and instructional binder. The kits and binders included hands-on based lesson plans and water oriented supplies to provide teachers with the tools to teach water learning.   These workshops complied with the Utah Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and STEM.  

As a part of the program, a slogan contest was conducted for participating 4th grade classes.  Many great entries were submitted from throughout the state making judging very difficult.  The winning slogan, “Help Utah Out!  Turn off the Spout!” was submitted by Miss Emily Blaisdell’s Nebo School District, Mapleton Elementary School’s fourth grade class.  Posters displaying the logo will be distributed to all schools that participated in the program. 


Water Conservation: Focus of Office Efficiency Team

As part of efforts to support House Bill 38, “Resource Stewardship Amendments” a bill passed in the 2014 General Session, employees from OED, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the World Trade Center, and USTAR have formed an "Efficiency Team."  Kicking off this new effort, on May 1 the Team hosted an educational potluck lunch, the focus of which was water conservation. Under this new team effort, a lunch meeting was held to discuss the water conservation.  Eric Jones of the State Division of Water Resources, was the invited speaker. Mr. Jones presented information about Governor Gary R. Herbert’s Water Conservation Team and its goal for the state of reducing per capita water use by 25%.  The presentation included practical information about water conservation, xeriscaping, lawn water management, and native plants.  These tips provided easy ways each state employee can make a difference in their water use. 

The Efficiency Team was created to support responsible, resource-conservation focused behavior of employees, both at work and home.  The Team will focus on providing education and outreach in the areas of water, air, energy, and land resource stewardship. 

Pedal Power: Energizing the Future Workforce

OED was pleased to sponsor the Utah Career Days fair, which was held at the Davis Applied Technology College in Kaysville on April 28-29. Over 5,000 students attended the conference, some spending hours in a school bus to come from as far as Logan and Duchesne. The students were in 7th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade levels. 

As part of Utah Career Days, hundreds of students, teachers, and parents gathered around a student pedaling a bicycle—all in the name of generating power.  As part of the Office of Energy Development's exhibit, a special bicycle capable of harnessing pedal power and converting it into electricity was provided for attendees to try out.

"Pedal power" bicycles are being used for a wide range of activities all over the world. From portable DJ sound systems to innovative phone charging “kiosk” concepts, these human-power designs are both fun and efficient.  Office staff explained to the many students that visited the booth how human energy could be converted into enough electrical energy to power a basic blender.  This demonstration allowed students to easily understand basic energy concepts and had the added advantage of allowing them to enjoy the payoff of their efforts – a nice fruit smoothie. This exhibit gave the OED an opportunity to connect with the new workforce and to present ideas for future careers in energy. Over the course of two days, 3,000 smoothies were served

To download a PDF of the Utah Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan, please click HERE

Click here for more information about the 2014 Summit's Break-out Sessions on Energy Efficiency and Alternative Transportation Issues.
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Q2 2014 Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Newsletter

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WELCOME to the 2nd Quarter 2014 Edition of Renew Utah, Utah's Renewable Energy Newsletter. 

OED’s Brooke Kimball tours the Intermountain Power Plant.  The SITLA parcels currently leased by ECG Solar for its proposed 300MW Utah Solar 1 project are in the background.

OED’s Jeff Barrett being interviewed by “The County Seat” at Enel Green Power North America’s new Cove Fort geothermal project, a 25 MW facility in Millard County.

Salt Lake Chamber- and OED-Sponsored "Energy Excursion" a Success

On April 15-16, OED and the  Salt Lake Chamber co-sponsored an “Energy Excursion,” visiting a handful of conventional and renewable generation facilities in Millard and Beaver Counties, including: the  Intermountain Power Plant; Magnum Energy’s “ Western Energy Hub”;  Milford WindBlundell Geothermal Power PlantBeaver’s Municipal Hydroelectric Facilities; and  Enel’s Cove Fort Geothermal Power Plant.  Tour attendees included Lieutenant Governor Cox, many industry representatives, government officials, legislators, and support staff from both the Chamber and OED.  In addition to these generation facilities, the attendees visited the Milford Renewable Energy Fair, where they were exposed first-hand to the community’s passion for its renewable resources, and the economic development opportunities they provide.

Representative Steve Handy (Dist. 16) and Senator David Hinkins (Dist. 27) tour the Intermountain Power Plant, a 1,900 MW coal-fired power plant in Delta.

Governor’s Energy Development Summit “Panel Preview”: Utah's Future in Energy Storage

Utah's unique large scale energy storage assets, from Compressed Air Energy Storage to Closed-Loop Pumped Storage, have, until recent months, been considered resources that, while critical to the grid of the future, was not likely to be deployed in the near term.  Recent changes to California's Renewable Portfolio Standard that mandate the acquisition of storage to help accommodate growing proportions of intermittent resources could help to shift these timelines forward dramatically.  Not only would this jumpstart any large scale storage in development in Utah, but it could have the effect of placing a premium on Utah's renewable resources in the California market.
The 3rd Annual Governor’s Energy Development Summit will be held June 3-4 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. This panel will be held from 3:30-4:30 pm on June 4.  Click here to register!  

Governor’s Energy Development Summit “Panel Preview”: Large-Scale Solar's Arrival to Southern Utah

Utah's solar resource is world-class, however the market conditions have never aligned sufficiently to drive the deployment of large, utility scale solar projects.  But that is changing fast.  Large and small utility scale projects, from two to 300 megawatts, are currently under development in central and southern Utah, for sale both to utilities in Utah and in California.  While large-scale wind projects led the way for renewable energy development in Utah, should even half of the projects proposed today come to fruition, wind will be in a distant second place position to solar in terms of megawatts of capacity deployed in Utah.

The 3rd Annual Governor’s Energy Development Summit will be held June 3-4 at the Salt Palace Convention Center.  This panel will be held from 1:30-3:00 pm on June 4.  Click here to register

Sara Baldwin Auck Departs Utah Clean Energy for Position at Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)

In early April Sara Baldwin Auck, Utah Clean Energy’s Senior Policy and Regulatory Associate, announced that she was accepting a new position at the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, a national renewable energy advocacy group.  Sara will serve as IREC’s new Regulatory Program Director.

Over the past ten years Sara has been an invaluable asset to those focused on facilitating renewable energy development in the state. She has led dozens of policy initiatives and programs that have really moved the needle both for large scale and distributed renewable energy development in Utah.  Sara has been a great friend to OED over the years, and the Office looks forward to continuing its partnership with her in her new role at IREC.  

About IREC: IREC believes clean energy is critical to achieving a sustainable and economically strong future. To pave this clean energy path, IREC works to expand consumer access to clean energy; generates information and objective analysis grounded in best practices and standards; and leads programs to build a quality clean energy workforce, including a unique credentialing program for training programs and instructors. A not-for-profit organization since 1982, IREC's programs and policies have benefitted energy consumers, policymakers, utilities and the clean energy industry. As of July 2013, IREC is an accredited American National Standards Developer. For more information, visit

Updated Energy Plan Available

In his 2010 State of the State address, Governor Gary R. Herbert announced his intent to create the Utah Energy Initiative—a 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan that combines Utah’s rich abundance of diverse natural resources with our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit— to ensure that Utah is at the forefront of solving the world’s energy challenges. As a result, the Energy Initiatives & Imperatives 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan was produced and published in March of 2011.

This year the Office of Energy Development incorporated additional commentaries and new data into this 2.0 version of the original 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan. 

Visit the OED website to learn more and download a copy.
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Q2 2014 Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Newsletter

Office of Energy Development
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