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Subject: Fwd: [UACC Petition] Missouri votes to withdraw from Common Core - don't miss
Date: Fri May 09 15:24:48 MDT 2014
Let's get  out of Common Core--Now!!!

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Subject: [UACC Petition] Missouri votes to withdraw from Common Core - don't miss
Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 08:32:44 -0600

Today’s Common Core News


First: Please whitelist my email address with your email provider. I sent out an email yesterday and a few hundred messages bounced back because some systems thought it had too much spam type content.


Awesome news- Missouri legislature opts out of Common Core

Here’s a link to their bill.

It’s got some nice features and some negatives. Local school districts and charter schools may adopt their own education standards, in addition to those already adopted by the state, provided the additional standards are in the public domain. But then they mandate schools use SBAC assessments which is what we got Utah out of 2 years ago and then they signed onto SAGE tests from AIR.



Chicago Teachers Union joins opposition to Common Core - WOW!

Chicago and NY teacher’s unions are anti-CC, why can’t the conservative UEA join them?

“I agree with educators and parents from across the country, the Common Core mandate represents an overreach of federal power into personal privacy as well as into state educational autonomy,” said CTU President Karen Lewis, a nationally board certified teacher.  “Common Core eliminates creativity in the classroom and impedes collaboration. We also know that high-stakes standardized testing is designed to rank and sort our children and it contributes significantly to racial discrimination and the achievement gap among students in America’s schools.”



Teacher’s Comments

I received this email yesterday from a parent:



“The following email is from a family member who is an elementary school teacher in the Jordan School District. She is afraid to use her name for fear of losing her job. She is so frustrated with Common Core but has been told that if she speaks out against it, or even acknowledges parents complaints about it, she could be fired. She wanted me to pass on this information to you so that everyone could be aware of the fact that although they are changing the name, this is still "Common Core" in our schools.”

Her email:

“We had training yesterday.  People came in from the district to teach us the new Writing "Standards" We have now been instructed that we are to no longer call it the Core because of politics.  The state officially changed the name to "standards" so nothing but the name has changed.  I wondered if you could let Oak Norton know about this without using my name.”




Glenn Beck’s “Conform”

Beck’s latest book hits Common Core. Get it here:



Be a squeaky wheel

Many of you have emailed concerns to legislators and we’ve succeeded in making Common Core “THE” issue this year which is awesome. However, we also need to pay attention to other outlets and let them know our dissatisfaction. Below is an email that will let you email the entire state board, the governor’s constituent services, and news outlets. If you email your legislator or a local board member or principal, make sure your facts or story are accurate and then CC these people on the email so they see the mounting frustration, particularly stories about SAGE test frustration, and anything else you feel strongly about.,,,,,, 



Oak Norton


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