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Plaintiff, : Notice of demand for rights, Redress of Grievances and demand for dismissal etc.
Vs. :
MARK HIGLEY, : Case No: 135403769
Defendant. : Judge: MCCOTTER, O LANE
: Date: April 22, 2014
Let me reiterate and explain as best I can. I demand all my rights AT ALL TIMES. (The court is obligated to know what those rights are.) Including the right to be told what my rights are, and the right to counsel. I demand freedom of speech in court to argue law without censure.
The Constitutional (AKA The supreme law of the land) protections are in place for good reason, to protect against tyranny.
“Trust that the constitution means what it says” George W. Bush
Many people are deceived, or are in denial, or don’t realize what is going on due to evil propaganda (LIES TO DECEIVE) of those who would take away our freedom.
“This country has traveled a long way down the soul destroying road toward communism” EZRA TAFT BENSON
The State of Utah as represented by Wasatch County Attorney Scott H Sweat in their response to the defendants original filling exhibits denial that constitutional rights issues are involved in this case and that law exists to protect those rights. This is evidence of a long chain of abuse BY THE STATE OF UTAH that has gone on for years , (denial) and shows intent to violate the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. My defense is entirely based on supreme court decisions, The law is on my side and I defy you to prove otherwise. (The state has the burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt) The supreme law is the law of the land regardless of whether I am capable to defend/prosecute, or cite the references or not. I don’t have the burden of proof. (They are in the law business they should know the law or do their homework and look it up, I can‘t be expected to do their work for them.) (The state cannot prove otherwise, the state does not have a victim (no one was harmed or damaged) nor can they prove any intent to do so) The supreme court has ruled that “an individual cannot be held to the same standards as an attorney” since you are in the law business you better look it up, it’s basic Constitutional law and supersedes the code, (the State not withstanding) If you are smart you will take this seriously or risk prosecution/reversible error. Because I don’t have the benefit of counsel they intend to victimize me and others as they have done previously BY FEINTING IGNORANCE OF THE LAW- IS NO EXCUSE. This is my good faith effort. I reference all previous LEGAL ACTION/court cases INVOLVING THE DEFENDANT as evidence proving a long chain of abuse that has gone on for years. INTERFERING WITH LIFE, prosperity, Causing great losses, misery and hardship, MAKING IT impossible TO MAKE A LIVING and resulting in homelessness. ONCE AGAIN THEY HAVE PUT ME OUT OF BUSINESS. I believe that THIS is all provable.
According to the equal protection clause
, I am entitled to all the same rights as any one else, I cannot be singled out or targeted, (There is evidence that targeting has been going on) (also provable) I demand an investigation. as posterity I am entitled to the same rights as forefathers, including separation of powers providing checks and balances, ( The legislature cannot dictate to the courts-that would be a violation of separation of powers). The legislature must think that they are above the law as evidenced by the recent power grab attempt.
there is to be a trial then I DEMAND A FULLY INFORMED (AS TO THE supreme LAW OF THE LAND INCLUDING RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF A JUROR AS PER THE LEGAL HANDBOOK FOR JURORS), JURY OF MY PEERS , using void ire to determine if the potential jurors qualify as PEERS. In order to be a peer of mine They must be of similar age. Male and not been in the military, self employed, they must be conservative. They must have some understanding of the constitutional rights law of the land and be willing to use nullification, Otherwise they do not qualify because they are not peers. HERE ARE MY QUESTIONS. The right to jury nullification Is the law providing checks and balances, ( My jury instructions) unbiased by the courts instructions, (AKA JURY TAMPERING). I am entitled to all the same rights as any one who is capable of asserting his rights regardless of my courage or disability to assert or defend them. (The law is the law.) In other words I have a right not to be taken advantage of or victimized due to my disability. I demand integrity. I demand all the same rights as those who are capable, had the courage to stand up and have successfully asserted/defended their rights in court not specifically referenced at this time. Don’t try to enforce frivolous technicalities of some supposed contract in violation of unalienable rights by definition protected by law . (Have you ever heard of straining over a gnat and swallowing a camel)
court does not have jurisdiction over rights issues because. The court of original jurisdiction over rights issues is FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT it’s the law if you don’t believe me (you are in the law business) you better look it up. I do not have the burden of proof.
THE STATE HAS FAILED TO CITE ANY LAW as justification for stopping, ticketing, and trial for a class B misdemeanor. I believe that no law exists.
Therefore I demand dismissal for the reasons addressed in this document including lack of jurisdiction and conflict of interest.
Again I Petition for redress of grievances. My right to redress of grievances has been violated repeatedly.
Answer to every point required by law within 20 days
Public officials are protected against law suits in the performance of their duties except when violating the law.
Notice to public officials
BY OFFICIALS REPRESENTING the STATE OF UTAH. (corruption of the law of the land AKA TYRANNY) .
WHERE RIGHTS ARE INVOLVED THERE CAN BE NO RULE MAKING OR LEGISLATION THAT WOULD ABROGATE THEM. That includes the Utah Code, (the state not withstanding) THEREFORE BECAUSE THEY ARE unalienable RIGHTS protected by law, THERE CAN BE NO CONTRACT enforced, I demand adherence to the oath of office, cease and desist of all constitutional violation activities, or prosecution for violating the law and retribution and compensation for damages to the victims/me.
ALL OFFICERS AND PUBLIC SERVANTS HAVE TAKEN AN OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION INCLUDING A REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT WHERE individual RIGHTS ARE UPHELD IN SPITE OF A SUPPOSED MAJORITY RULE FOR EXAMPLE ZONING ORDNANCES. It shows a conspiracy by the state with the intent to violate the law. which are clear violations of rights including ownership and control of property. I reference all previous court cases involving Grantsville city. We have a whole generation who don’t even come close to having what their parents had. According to Supreme court rulings regarding the equal protection clause, I am entitled to all the same rights as anyone else including farmers, Native Americans, and grand-parents and those who are able to assert their rights in court, etc. I demand equal protection INCLUDING THOSE SAME RIGHTS. I DEMAND ALL MY RIGHTS. We must be free to prosper. How did we ever get along?
Many people in local Government have conspired and are using codes and ordinances abusing the “color of law” (with frivolous technicalities-forming a predatory long chain of abuse that has gone on for years making it impossible to make a living, causing me to be homeless. I was counting on the income from a basement apartment that was denied over a trivial technicality, in spite of my objections/lawsuit (provable) victimizing people in order to dictate, circumvent and violate the law of the land to collect money for their support, (predatory), violating Constitutional protections and oath of office regarding such things as liberty, freedom, due process access to timely justice, The right to not be stopped without probable cause (port of entry), and targeting with secret high tech interfering with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness /business/prosperity. I demand an investigation with penalties and compensation for the victims of abuse. and taking advantage in violation of equal protection especially for those who are unable to legally assert their rights, ownership and control of property rights violated by frivolous technicalities “color of law” of zoning ordinances, causing a major burden, innocent until proven guilty (people are routinely found guilty without proving anything including intent) and Right to contract but cannot be compelled to contract. (Several Utah codes have or will be been found to be unconstitutional.) This has resulted in bullying by the state (bad example) cops, harassment and abuse causing permanent brain damage, causing us to be traumatized by the delusional hypocrites (crooks, trying to take our lunch money) causing PTSD AKA; as well as tyrannical excessive restrictions, huge fines (nexus violation) and threats of jail (habeas corpus violation for victimless "crimes"), for victimless technicalities of code (class B misdemeanor, with out a victim just because they said so, that is absurd ), requiring multiple appearances in violation of rights to speedy access to justice by their REFUSAL TO FACILITATE timely JUSTICE. Refusal of access to public records after a reasonable written request to the court clerk (critical to my defense). Habeas corpus (there can be no jail for victimless so called “crimes“). The Utah code, (They tell us the code is the law, Hello the code is the code), is evidence of Conspiracy/intent to violate the law of the land-unalienable rights with secret combinations is evil (THE GREAT AMERICAN FRAUD because we are told we have rights yet we are not allowed to exercise them.) The conspiracy is tantamount to organized crime prosecutable under the RICO ACT. I refuse to support evil.
It might seem to be overlooked by the state and prominent religious institutions (because they don’t object they acquiesce), who don‘t seem to be doing anything about it. The lie is that the code is the law, its legal, needed for the greater good, The GREATER GOOD IS TO PROTECT THE INDIVIDUAL as per the Constitution which is THE ONLY LEGITIMATE FORM OF GOVERNMENT. I am standing up for your rights because if you don’t have your rights then I don’t have mine either. They can’t fathom any other way to do it, the BS about balance is propaganda because “ Those who would give up freedom for security will end up with neither” It is a famous quote, look it up. The state has been abusive (also provable) and we have had enough oppression-tyranny causing unnecessary hardship, depression, dysfunctional stress, (stress CAN KILL) and making life miserable, interfering with life, putting me/people out of business. The long term effects are devastating our economy and are an underlying cause of increasing crime rate. They are using an entrapment to enslave the younger generation to support a multitude of officers to eat out their substance and grind the face of the poor. This is an outrage. I can’t describe the sickening feeling and debilitating depression I feel every time I learn of another encroachment. According to psychologists mental abuse causes permanent brain damage. Most people know that something is wrong and want change. We need to get back to basics. We must be free to prosper. Something needs to be done as in the Miranda case, to enforce Supreme Court rulings protecting rights issues equally for those who are unable to assert their rights. It is not fair for the prosecutor to practice trying the case in the lower courts. We must have timely access to justice.
a long chain of abuse that has gone on for years including among other things ACUTE AND CRITICAL VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW OF THE LAND BY OFFICIALS REPRESENTING THE STATE OF UTAH.
I DEMAND THAT ALL OFFICERS ADHERE TO THE LAW OF THE LAND AND THEIR OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OR RECEIVE PUNISHMENTS FOR BREAKING IT. THEY ARE EITHER PART OF THE SOLUTION OR PART OF THE PROBLEM. In other words we demand that the bullies stop taking advantage, victimizing and traumatizing those who don’t have the where with all to assert their rights in court.
Mark Higley, manager of Avalon Developments, a private non-commercial carrier, has received notice from UDOT Motor carrier division Director Chad Sheppick regarding a compliance review conducted by S. Keating demanding paper work, claiming the bogus “safety” rating to be 99 % unsatisfactory based solely on lack of paperwork to prove innocence, (what has that got to do with safety? ACCIDENTS ARE CAUSED BY STRESS; PAPER WORK DOESN’T MAKE IT SAFE OR UNSAFE. There isn‘t anything unsafe about the truck or the way I drive.) Demanding paperwork without probable cause is a due process violation of privacy and self- incrimination, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. get a warrant, violation without any proof of any safety problems, they haven’t produced a victim or probable cause that a crime has been committed. (The protester is TARGETED FOR DEMANDING ADHERENCE TO THE LAW OF THE LAND AND ASSERTING HIS RIGHTS) I demand that they fix that. THE GOV. IS THE PROBLEM WITH OVER REGULATING DEMANDS, EXCESSIVE fines (nexus violation) AND TAXING. The dictator attitude is CAUSING ALLOT OF DEBILITATING STRESS and DEPRESSION and killing the economy, causing virtually no such thing as private free enterprise. How did we ever get along? “This country has traveled a long way down the soul destroying road toward communism” EZRA TAFT BENSON.
Mr. Higley has made good faith efforts of cooperation, protesting under threat, not to be construed as contractual, consent or granting jurisdiction I AM THREATENED WITH HUGE fines (nexus violation) AND jail (habits corpus violation for victimless "crimes") FOR ATTEMPTING TO EXERCISE MY RIGHTS, (targeting and harassment) without any alternative to the monopoly (ANTITRUST) but they have gone too far JERKING PEOPLE AROUND ignoring the law of the land as if they are above it. Dictating, making demands, threatening huge fines (nexus violation) and jail (habits corpus violation for victimless "crimes") and refusing to allow exercising rights of continued operations in violation of the law of due process. Their actions have resulted in an apparent order to cease all transportation effective Aug. 5 th 2013. Causing me to lose customers/revenue , Putting me out of business without cause. The letter from the state gave a deadline of Aug. 19 th Ignoring due process, innocent until proven guilty (FAILING TO PROVE ANYTHING). Violating the right to contract and right to work. The right to locomotion, equating to harassment without a warrant. I am at their mercy, without access to timely justice. I have no counsel (I have a right to be told what my rights are) and no immediate recourse. It’s evil. They have abrogated my right to a republican form of government. It’s not fair. It’s not right and there are laws against tyranny but I am getting jerked around. I have no timely effective recourse and it’s a night mare. It’s overwhelming. I am an owner operator and I have a right to contract Why do they demand that I get permission in the form of “operating authority” Something is fishy. The practice of states requiring out of state trucks to purchase a permit (temporary registration) to enter the state is a violation of full faith and credit. What good is unified carrier registration? There is a constitutional law against ports of entry. Failure to stop at a port is a right for a private carrier (no probable cause and innocent until proven guilty) and doesn’t hurt anyone. They didn’t do an inspection, a driver could go around. Historically the port has been closed at night. (Entrapment) they refused to tell us when they would close. A class B misdemeanor just because they said so, that is absurd.
I CANNOT CONTINUE UNDER THREAT. I demand alternatives and I demand counsel, I have a right to be told what my rights are. I demand a Stay to the order to cease pending the outcome So that I can continue to make a living unmolested.
Officers are protected against suit in the performance of their duties except when breaking the law. Those who are in the business of enforcement who UNSCRUPULOUSLY violate THE LAW OF THE LAND, UNALIENABLE rights and take advantage of people, and gouge them for money and threaten jail (habits corpus violation for victimless "crimes") for technical violations of code should expect to pay for breaking the law of the land since they are not above the law. (I DEMAND A WARRANT) I was unscrupulously convicted and sentenced (railroaded) for something that I did not do. I demand timely accountability and compensation.
ALL THE REGULATIONS, PERMITS, EXCESSIVE FEES AND huge fines (nexus violation) AND THREATS OF jail, just because they said so, (habits corpus violation for victimless "crimes") ETC. IS AN OVERWHELMING AND DRAINING, NIGHTMARE (TYRANNY). ALL PREVIOUS COMPLAINTS HAVE FALLEN ON DEAF EARS. Violating a right to redress of grievances. I believe this is all provable. Just because they have been getting away with it for years is no excuse. CONTINUING A POLICY OF BREAKING THE LAW MUST BE CONSIDERED AS ORGANIZED CRIME. LET ALL THOSE BE CURSED FROM THE GREATEST TO THE LEAST WHO KNOWINGLY AND WILLINGLY PARTICIPATE.
I AM FILING A TITLE 42 SUIT BECAUSE MY REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES IS UNSATISFACTORY AT THE STATE LEVEL, HAVING RECEIVED NONE. ACTUALLY I WAS TOLD THAT I WOULD NOT RECEIVE ANY HELP from the State WITH MY COMPLAINTS WHEN I LAST CONTACTED THE GOVERNORS OFFICE. I have a right to counsel (In the interest of the court competent counsel would be advisable). I am lacking the wherewithal to prosecute,
I DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. I DEMAND change of policy, MONETARY COMPENSATION FOR DAMAGES caused in the form of pain and suffering. lost revenue. IN THE AMOUNT OF ONE MILLION ($1,000,000.00) PER VIOLATION PER DAY.
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Update from Public Citizen

“Don’t be evil.”

That’s the unofficial motto of Google.

Well ...

Google spends millions on politics, including contributions to “trade associations” (a.k.a. corporate lobbying factories) like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that — on behalf of their Big Business puppet masters — oppose things like open Internet policies and action on climate change.

With our partners at Forecast the Facts, we’re supporting Google shareholders who are demanding that the company disclose its lobbying activities and disassociate from dark money groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Add your name to our petition with Forecast the Facts calling on Google to make its lobbying transparent and to leave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Google trades on a reputation as a forward-thinking and conscientious business.

Funding dark money entities that reject established climate science and feed Big Business’ insatiable greed is neither forward-thinking nor conscientious.

That’s why a group of Google shareholders are filing a resolution urging the company to stop putting its money where its mouth isn’t.

Sign the petition in support of the shareholder resolution demanding that Google disclose its lobbying activities and discontinue its support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for taking action today.
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