From: Trenholm
To: ahowell,
Subject: District ranger's goal: balance, Standard-Examiner, Tuesday 4.29.2014
Date: Fri May 02 21:09:55 MDT 2014

I enjoyed the front page picture and article about Ogden District Ranger Robert Sanchez by Ben Lockhart, but extremely disappointed that there was no mention of access needs to "balance" resource use.  When the previous Ogden District Ranger, Renee Flanagan, was introduced by the Standard-Examiner, her goal was all about access.

Without adequate access it is not possible to protect, manage and use our public lands and their resources.  The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is, unfortunately, over 80% already designated wilderness and roadless areas, leaving little National Forest System lands available, within its boundaries, for active forest management.  

"Call in the feds, Federal law, federal law enforcement," today's Salt Lake Tribune excellent editorial, describes what should have happened in the Cliven Bundy/BLM range trespass case.  The Tribune front page article, "BLM: Canyon ride is illegal" by Brian Maffly is not such a clear cut case.  It seems to me that for proper management of these lands to be accomplished, it must be done jointly by San Juan County and BLM officials.

It may be appropriate for the route in question to be under the jurisdiction of San Juan County within BLM administered lands. Maybe the BLM District Manager should hold up on his position to seek all appropriate civil and criminal penalties for use of a motorized vehicle within the closed area until agreement on route jurisdiction has been reached.

It will be interesting!