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Subject: April Innovation Insights
Date: Fri May 02 21:08:19 MDT 2014
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Innovation Insights
Volume 8, Issue 44 May 2, 2014
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Business Resources
Leo After Hours
Campfire Industries
Entrepreneurial Summit
In The News
Software identifies disease-causing mutations in undiagnosed illness. A computational tool developed at the University of Utah (U of U) has successfully identified diseases with unknown gene mutations in three separate cases, U of U researchers and their colleagues report in a new study in The American Journal of Human Genetics...  Read More

USU algae researchers to continue at new plant. Logan city is constructing a new wastewater treatment facility to meet federal standards that must be met by 2017 to replace the wastewater lagoons being used.. Read More
Partner Events

2014 Governor's Outdoor Rec Summit
The outdoor recreation summit will be on May 8 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Breakfast and registration begin at 7 a.m. and the cost to attend is $65.
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Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out
The Leonardo will open the ANIMAL INSIDE OUT exhibit by BODY WORLDS creator Gunther von Hagens on May 10. ANIMAL INSIDE OUT features more than 100 specimens, both animal and human.
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Utah Governor's Energy Development Summit
The summit will be hosted by the Office of Energy Development and held on June 3 at the Salt Palace Convention Center.
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U Spin-Out Recieves Round of Federal Funding
Vaporsens, a Utah Science Technology and Research initiative (USTAR) supported spin-out from the University of Utah (U of U) and the developer of a unique chemical detection technology has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant of approximately $720,000 through the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Vaporsens was able to secure the Phase II grant with help from one of USTAR’s outreach centers, the Utah SBIR-STTR Assistance Center (SSAC). The SSAC is located at the Salt Lake Community College’s Miller Business Resource Center and is a statewide resource that assists innovators and entrepreneurs to maximize their business potential through SBIR and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.

This SBIR Phase II grant will enable the Vaporsens team to reach commercialization at a faster rate and opens the doors to other types of funding, according to Mary Cardon, SSAC director. Read more here.

Connecting Entrepreneurs with Resources
Making the right connections is essential to the success of any entrepreneur and business owner, but making those connections is not always easy.

Business Resource Centers provide services that allow businesses to flourish by providing access to funding, mentoring, and training that is often hard to get. In addition to the basic services provided by BRC’s, incubators and accelerators can help propel a new start-up to market and increase the impact on the Utah economy.

One of the Utah Science Technology and Research initiative’s (USTAR) founding purposes was to include five Technology Outreach and Innovation Program (TOIP) regions throughout the state. These TOIP regions act as a resource for collaboration with universities, entrepreneurs, businesses and innovators across the state. Additionally, the program helps to connect private investors to promising opportunities and maximizes the economic impact of new technologies that are created in Utah.

There are several USTAR supported BRC’s and incubators located throughout the state. They are housed at the USTAR centers at Utah Valley University (UVU), Southern Utah University (SUU), Dixie State University (DSU), Weber State University (WSU) and at the Granite Technical Institute.  Read more here.

Is the e-World Rewiring Our Brains? 
We spend our day staring at the cool blue glow of an electronic screen. Our smartphones have become our safety blanket, and even toddlers are becoming fluent in the icon-language and touch interface of tablets. As our communications become increasingly digital, what is happening to the wiring of our brains, and is it a bad thing?

Have we become addicted to electronic connectivity? Have we lost our memory and our ability to form normal human bonds, or are these devices just the latest tools in humanity’s millennia-long quest for instant communication?

The Leonardo, in partnership with the Utah Science Technology and Research initiative (USTAR), will host a discussion that investigates how our brain is affected by connectedness to the Internet and digital communication. The free event will be held on Thursday, May 29, 2014 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Small plate food options and a variety of beverage choice will be available for purchase. Read more here.

Campfire Desserts Made S'More Innovative
There are few of us who can say that by the time we graduated high school, we were founders and CEO’s of or own established company. That’s exactly the situation that Tanner Harris and his brother Spencer are going to find themselves in.

The two brothers started Campfire Industries to sell their invention, the Wolf’em Stick, which is used to make desserts over a campfire. The design features a patent-pending double rotary handle system, a hard wood dowel treated with food grade mineral oil and a stainless steel rod. Last year, Campfire Industries sold nearly 1,400 Wolf’em sticks at fairs and a retail location inside Motorsports Land. This year they plan on selling 2,500-3,000.

The brothers have successfully undergone development, manufacturing, branding and retailing their product. In 2013, they traveled to New York to compete in a national competition for young entrepreneurs. There they placed second with their business plan and both received scholarships. But as with any business, the brothers continue to develop and refine their product. Read more here.

Utah’s Entrepreneurial Summit Coming May 14
Utah is currently a hotbed of successful entrepreneur activity and national rankings continue to pour in for the state. Come celebrate this and gain new entrepreneur skills at the Utah Entrepreneurial Summit, May 14th.

Throughout 18 break-out sessions, the Summit will explore opportunities from mom and pop start-ups, women entrepreneurs, high technology and investor based companies. Keynote speakers will be: Thurl Baily, Judy Robinette (author) and Chris Redgrave (local business and media expert). Register at and use promo code “grow” for $10 discount.

“The value of the BRC is it’s a one stop shop that allows a small business owner or an entrepreneur to come to one location and be able to receive multiple types of help. Whether it is business planning, how to raise financing or helping them vet an idea and teaching them a process to do that, all of those things are right here in one location.” -Steven Roy, USTAR Central director, Associate VP for Economic Development at UVU
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