To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: electoral vote distribution
Date: Sat Apr 26 23:53:02 MDT 2014

I am asking that you would consider the following change in the current election law concerning the distribution of electoral votes in a Presidential election:

            Be it proposed that the distribution of the 6 electoral votes allocated to the State of Utah be distributed according to the election results within the political jurisdiction (position) they represent.  An electoral vote will be cast for the Presidential candidate within each Congressional District who receives the most votes within that Congressional District.  The remaining two votes representing Utah’s U.S. Senators will be cast for the Presidential candidate who receives the most votes Statewide.


Arguments for the change- By distributing the electoral votes in this fashion, the votes would more closely represent the jurisdictions which they represent.  This would also encourage Presidential candidates from both parties to have a greater interest in hearing the issues/concerns that Utahns have since they will have a greater vested interest in Utah.  Finally, if in the event of a need for a recount of casted votes, the votes needed to be recounted would be limited to the Congressional District that is in question.   

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