From: Twitter
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Do you know Alan W. Silberberg, Salt Lake Chamber and Orrin Hatch on Twitter?
Date: Sun Apr 20 04:40:20 MDT 2014
Scott Jenkins,
Some people you may know on Twitter
  Scott Jenkins
Alan W. Silberberg @IdeaGov
Founder @Digijaks @Gov20la. Global Digital / Cyber Adviser. Think Fast....
Followed by Ric Cantrell and 2 others.
Following: 6818 · Followers: 10523
Salt Lake Chamber @saltlakechamber
Utah's Business Leader representing over 7,850 businesses and over...
Followed by
Following: 1006 · Followers: 5970
Orrin Hatch @OrrinHatch
U.S. Senator from Utah
Followed by Republican Supporter and 2 others.
Following: 18471 · Followers: 41804
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