From: Josh Kanter
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: FW: A message from George Takei
Date: Fri Apr 11 12:02:13 MDT 2014

Hey Scott,

I wanted to be sure you saw this – it’s really exciting for us and if you missed it or didn’t donate, please consider doing so now.

Founder, Better UTAH

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From: "George Takei" <>
Subject: A message from George Takei
Date: April 9, 2014 12:02 PM MDT
To: "Josh Kanter" <>

Alliance for a Better UTAH

Dear Josh,

I am standing with the Alliance for a Better UTAH in the push for marriage equality in Utah and I hope you will too.

You may have heard that I was recently in Utah for the Sundance Festival where I was promoting the documentary “To Be Takei.” It was, as you can imagine, a whirlwind of a trip.

Before I arrived, I was greeted with the news of Judge Shelby’s ruling, finding Utah’s Amendment 3 to be unconstitutional. Unfortunately, while I was in Park City, your Governor opted to declare void the 1,300 same-sex marriages that occurred in Utah during the brief few weeks that marriage equality was legal. Despite the obvious hunger for marriage in Utah, the state is insistent on preventing access to this fundamental, constitutional right. As you well know, the Governor and Attorney General will defend Amendment 3 in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals tomorrow, while Governors and Attorneys General in states like Nevada, Oregon and Virginia have chosen to abandon this discriminatory fight. And even the Utah Tax Commission has disagreed with Herbert's assessment by enacting rules that would allow for gay and lesbian couples to file jointly. Herbert is on the wrong side of history.

Utah has become central to the effort of ensuring gay and lesbian Americans can live with dignity and honor. The Alliance for a Better UTAH is doing its part to bring balance to that effort by filing a friend-of-the-court brief with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Their brief brings a much needed counterbalance to the voices in Utah who say that gays and lesbians don’t deserve equal rights - and a much needed voice to the half of the state that disagrees with the Governor and Attorney General. I am impressed with what they are doing to move the marriage equality issue forward in concert with other organizations there. It could very well change the conversation in the entire United States. 

Though I do not live in Utah, my niece and her family do. I want Utah to be a better place for her to raise her family. I also stand in solidarity with the Alliance for a Better UTAH and organizations they are working with to make Utah a more just and equal place.

Would you be willing to make a contribution to the Alliance for a Better UTAH so they can continue their efforts? (Might I suggest $17.01?)

Your donation will help bring equality back to Utah.

With all my best wishes for equality in Utah.



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