From: akim perche-saidi
To: senruderman, senshimabukuro, senslom, sensolomon, sentaniguchi, senthielen, SenThomas.Saviello, SenTroy.Jackson, SenVSmith, senwakai, serrano, sfarley, sgalea, sgallardo, sgreenleaf, shadrack.mcgill, shale, sharon.carson, sharp, Shaw, shawn.hamerlinck, shaywood, shortey, shumate, simpson, sjackson, Scott Jenkins, skaugb, skelos, skent, snawrocki, snorwood, Sonia.Chang-Diaz, sparks, spierce, squadron, sroberts, stack, stacy.crivello, Stan.Cooper, stan.gustafson, Stan.Rosenberg, stan1340, standridge, stanislawski, stavisky, steeve.briois, Stephen.Brewer, Steve.Abrams, Steve.Fitzgerald, steve.kettering, steve.king.senate, steve.moon, steve.sodders, steven.olson, sthies, stindell, Steve Urquhart, Susan.Wagle, syarbrough, sylvia.larsen, tammy, tartaglione, tbrown, tburton, tchristensen, tcrum, ted.harvey.senate, tedd.gassman, Terry.Bruce, tgollott, Therese.Murray, thomas.courtney, Thomas.Kennedy, Thomas.McGee, tim.kapucian, tim.leavitt, tod.bowman, todd.prichard, todd.taylor, todell, Tom Libous, Tom.Arpke, tom.hancock, Tom.Hawk, Tom.Holland, tom.rielly, tom.sands,, tom.whatley, Toni.Boucher, Tony.Ross, treat, trip.pittman, truman.chafin, tsegerblom, tsmith, tswisstack, ttyler, tvance, Todd Weiler, Ty.Masterson, tyler.olson, valesky, vance, vancmo, vasenate35, vaubuchon, vcarmichael, vicki.lensing, Vicki.Schmidt, vivian.figures, vpoindexter, wallerand.destjust, wally.horn,, ward1, ward1, ward1, ward2, ward2, ward2, ward2, ward3, ward3, ward3, ward4, ward4, ward4, ward4, ward5, ward5, ward5, ward6, ward6, ward6, ward6, ward7, ward8, ward8, Wayne.Johnson, Wayne Harper, whitep, whitepa, William.Brownsberger, william.laird, wlongwitz, Wayne Niederhauser, wozniak, wyrick, ytrout, yudichak, zadras, zeldin, zkern,
Subject: -empty-
Date: Fri Apr 11 04:24:41 MDT 2014

All Us Congress

The Honorable

You've all had time to read, you have an hour after reading to take military way. You all for your parliaments REPRESENTthe security council of the UN. 
You have one hour to shoot all that attack me 

good day the American prostitutes

copie Message

Mr. The fbi agent

I think you are limited intellectually or as an agent federal .
I sent the mail to your 100 senators by email .
I sent mail and I'll show you the list: a representative in your mail
I sent all members of the G20 this mail without exception .
Or I am put under witness protection for your services via technology or I swear to you that you take your weapon and you flinguerez .
I leave you one hour after reading the statement while this technology is forbidden to 7 billion people in the world;
I suggest you understand that your americaines whores trying to kill me and I do not piss me al send with such amount to see a bunch of helpless that is to say your army and your claim either cops saying my work claiming a snap of your machine ( computer ) for acts nazy your country .
Basically you do not even assign you my longevity with this work if you do not pay the witness protection .
You have too much blood , even the fbi and dea , hands including several airliners politicians, the climate disaster by pulling the weapon from europe.
Too much blood and I still do not live normally.
Blood has been shed too , for no result.
Or I end my life normally without attacks your country, or you will be exterminated.
Please accept the assurances of my highest consideration.

I give you the advice that the city of paris , its mayor , and its parliamentary Whores DCRI 84 villiers street stop on any field stalking and any death threats, these people are puppets I have proof when j ' 've been around the world.
Even having the caribbean they don ' have not even been screwed for having the balls to cut and bring down drug traffickers in the area.
Without yelling that they were taking their lives
1 hour for your congress or refer in writing


request U.N.pdf
request U.N.pdf