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Subject: Celinda Lake, Early Voting, Dating Violence and More
Date: Thu Apr 10 13:30:37 MDT 2014

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Model Legislation from ALICE

Absentee and Early Voting: Millions of American’s don’t vote because it is difficult or impossible for them to appear in-person between certain hours on Election Day. But it’s a problem easily solved. ALICE has a toolkit of model laws and resources for you to promote absentee and/or early voting. Have suggestions on progressive policy? Let ALICE know:

The rich are richer than you think: The richest one percent own over one-third of all the wealth in America and the richest five percent own nearly two-thirds of everything. This week’s IdeaLog argues that, because of their assets, the rich pay nowhere near a fair share in taxes. IdeaLog is our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Webinar of the Week

Celinda Lake presents a new Battleground Poll about the winning message for 2014 and beyond: We are honored to host one of the top progressive pollsters in the country who will present conclusions from a nationwide poll about economic issues, the ACA, President Obama, and what progressives can say and do to improve their chances of winning. This special webinar is Wednesday, April 16 @2:45pm Eastern, 1:45pm Central, 12:45pm Mountain, 11:45am Pacific. Register for the webinar here.

Resources You Can Use

How to talk about budgets and taxes: Swing voters believe 42 cents of every state tax dollar is wasted, and 37 cents is wasted on the local level. At the same time, they don’t want programs cut and believe that taxes and budgets are rigged to favor the rich. Click here to read how progressives should frame these difficult issues.

Teen dating violence: About one in ten adolescents report being the victims of dating violence. About 40 percent of the violence occurs on school grounds. At least 15 states have passed teen dating violence laws. You can learn about the issue here.

From the Public Leadership Institute

Compendium of state and local legislation in 2014: To read about the progressive victories and defeats in the state legislatures and city/county councils so far, click here.

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