From: American Lands Council
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Apr 2, 2014 - Three Minute Messenger
Date: Wed Apr 02 15:35:34 MDT 2014
American Lands Council

Mar 19, 2014
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  • Read this short address given by MT Governor Bullock to the Western Governor's Association, expressing his frustration is trying to care for the public lands in his state. 

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  • Dear Scott,

     The dry, hot season is just around the corner once again.  We have watched our forests burning down for the past several years, due to the failed federal policies that are taking a severe toll on our public lands.  


    Our state forest services have proven that they are better able to manage our forests for multiple-use and sustained yield, as well as to preserve them for generations to come.  It is time we insist that the federal government dispose of the public lands that were promised to the states upon admission into the union, placing them in the capable hands of the local people.


    How long will we stand by and watch our forests burn?


    Ken Ivory Explains Why Federally Managed Forests Are Burning 2 50
    Ken Ivory Explains Why Federally Managed Forests Are Burning 2 50
    P.S. Education for our elected officials and communities is crucial if things are going to change.   Click here  and stand with the American Lands Council as we move this work forward.  
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