From: Steve Combe
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Re: Compensation fairness
Date: Wed Apr 02 14:38:03 MDT 2014
Sen. Jenkins,

Thank you for your efforts regarding the compensation efforts.  Although we did not receive the fulle amount we were seeking, we did receive a significant amount that will help help bring the attorneys and support staff in line with others in the public sector.  Steve 

On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 7:40 AM, Steve Combe <> wrote:
Sen. Jenkins, 

I live in West Haven and work at the Utah Attorney General's Office.   I would like to meet with you to discuss an issue regarding compensation fairness.  The lawyers in my office are paid significantly less than other lawyers in the public sector, including attorneys that work for Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah counties, and legislative counsel.  Is there a time we can meet?  Steve